3 Best Chainsaw For Alaskan Sawmill (Reviews & Guide)

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Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Bar

Brand: Carmyra
‎15.42 pounds

Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎37.9 x 10.6 x 4.7 inches


ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill

Brand: ‎‎ALASKAN

Weight: ‎1.76 ounces

Dimensions: ‎‎‎24 x 13 x 4 inches


GRANBERG Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill


Weight: ‎20 pounds

Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎37 x 14 x 4 inches

Everyone wants to make personal life hassle-free and easier. Then you use a chainsaw mill to handle various wood cutting activities, including trees. By following the perfect procedure and using a system can provide you an effective solution. You can scream full article for getting the idea with buying guide.

To overcome new users’ hesitation, we will describe here the best chainsaw for Alaskan sawmill. As a top pick in this article, we will highlight Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Bar. Also, we will review the three products in phases below, hopefully reading the whole article.

3 Best Chainsaw for Alaskan Sawmill – 2021 Reviews

1. Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Bar

Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Bar

It is made of stainless steel and aluminum, so it will effectively provide high strength performance for a long time. This powerful grease gun is high intensity tolerant, so you can safely choose it for outdoor and indoor use. This chainsaw mill is made of lightweight and portable design. 

This 48-inch long chainsaw mill will be able to attach to the chainsaw bar wrenches easily. It is a compatible chainsaw mill, so it is especially suitable for cutting long and wide logs in the right process. Since it is a versatile tool, you can buy this chainsaw mill for home use or professional work. These portable chainsaws help you reduce your expenses.


Versatile – Generally, this saw milling machine is suitable for homeowners and woodcutters.

High Quality It is made of stainless and aluminum, so it is suitable for any heavy work type.

Lightweight Made in a portable design and lightweight, it can be easily carried in remote places.

Durability It is a tool made of high-quality material, so it is suitable to serve you permanently.

What I Liked

  • It is a versatile tool.
  • Provides high power.

What I didn’t Like

  • Made of low-quality material.

2. ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill

ALASKAN Granberg Chain Saw Mill can produce extreme power, and it is up to at least 50 ccs. With this chainsaw mill, you will be able to cut wood from 16 to 20 inches thick. It is more advanced than other models and comes with a clear polycarbonate protection guard to avoid accidents.

Since it is a beginner-friendly model, a new user will use the tool to operate the woodcut at ease. In this case, if you can fully use it to bring income to your fingertips, then there is no risk of any further problems. If you have never used it before, don’t be afraid because it is a simple and normal process.

It also delivers power up to 65 ccs and can work with models up to a maximum height of 22 inches. This chainsaw mill is capable of effectively cutting logs of 14-inch diameter. This allows you to cut wood up to 8 inches wide easily, and it serves as your closest setup. It is a true chainsaw mill, so you can make it portable at any time as per your need. In general, it is especially useful for your heavy tasks. 


Power It is especially suitable for supplying power of 65 ccs or more.

Versatile  Using this chainsaw mill, different professionals can cut trees and other wood cutting work.

Quality  It is made from aluminum and steel in the United States. So, be able to handle heavy type activities vigorously.

Capacity and durability  This chainsaw mill is suitable for heavy work and provides long durability.

What I Liked

  • Suitable for heavy work.
  • It has security guards.
  • Convenient to use.

What I didn’t Like

  • It may take a while longer to get started.

3. GRANBERG Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill

GRANBERG Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill

If you want to get very fast and smooth results from the sawmill, you can use Granberg Alaskan Mark-IV Chainsaw Mill. You may need a ripping chain when using it. This chainsaw mill is capable of effectively producing planks from 1.5 cm to 30 cm thick. Generally, it is suitable for various necessary wood including cabin, bench, bed. This powerful chainsaw mill is made in the United States and weighs about 6 kg.

If you need to cut very dense trees, then you can rely on this chainsaw. Its bars come with chainsaws to provide the perfect finish every time. With this powerful chainsaw, you can cut planks and beams up to 648 inches wide. It is so much stronger because it is made of aluminum and steel metals. It is suitable for supplying power of 120 ccs or more.

Since the bar has light design clamps on top, you will be able to effectively adjust it to cut boards up to 13 inches thick. In general, it generates less vibration than other models. This tool is lightweight, so it is especially suitable for remote work. It has the necessary accessories to make your wood cutting activity easier.


Power  It is suitable for supplying power up to 120 ccs as per your requirement.

Quality  Made of steel and aluminum so it can do heavy types of work strongly.

Accessories  It has all kinds of accessories needed to cut trees or wood.

Durability  If you are worried about the durability of the sawmill, you can use it for its durability.

What I Liked

  • Provides smooth finishing.
  • This is a powerful tool.
  • Made in the United States.

What I didn’t Like

  • May stop abruptly during work.

How to Buy Chainsaw for Alaskan Saw Mill?

When a buyer buys a chainsaw mill, he will naturally want to use the tool in the long run. If you have problems with the equipment a few days after purchase, you need to understand that it is a low-quality product.

In this case, if you want to buy a high-quality chainsaw mill, pay attention to some specific things. Below we will describe the salient points when buying the best chainsaw mill.

Bar Capacity

In the case of a chainsaw mill, first, consider the capacity of its bar. In general, its model may change, so before buying, make sure that the bar is compatible with your chainsaw. Since these chainsaw bars are not extensible, be sure to select one that matches your chainsaw. Conversely, if you choose the wrong size bra, you will need to buy a new bar again.

You will also be able to determine the exact length of a bar by measuring the diameter of the tree or wood you plan to cut. Most of the time, users look for bars with cutting lengths ranging from 18 to 36 inches. If you want to work on heavy projects, then 36-inch length cutting bars are suitable for you.

Chainsaw Compatibility and power rating

Chainsaw mills made in all types of designs may fail to work properly. So before buying a chainsaw match, consider whether it is compatible with your existing chainsaw. Typically, some chainsaw mills require chainsaws with drilling holes to attach to a chainsaw handle.

There are currently several models of chainsaws available that do not require any drilling holes. Also, another important aspect of a chainsaw is the power rating. This power rating is especially useful for determining the value of your cutter. If you want to get a high-quality perfect finish, then its rating should be at least 50 ccs.

Quality and Durability

Choose a chainsaw mill that is capable of handling your heavy type of activities. Before you buy a chainsaw mill, make sure it is durable. Most chainsaw mills are made from a combination of aluminum and steel. In general, models made from steel are very durable. The chainsaw mill made from aluminum is very lightweight so easy to carry.

In this case, if you want to buy the equipment made of aluminum, make sure that it is made of aircraft-grade or similar grade aluminum. Also, when you buy a power tool, please pay attention to its accessories’ build quality. If it is made of high-quality material, you will be able to use it in the long run.

Conversely, if it is made of low-quality material, it will not be suitable for long-term use. In particular, chainsaw mills made of steel are durable and long-lasting.

Weight and Portability

Weight and portability are important things for a sawmill because it’s affect performance. In general, a heavy chainsaw mill is particularly useful for increasing its stability. Heavyweight chainsaw mills will fail to carry everywhere and easily. In this case, many professionals prefer lightweight chainsaws for ease of carrying.

On the other hand, some professionals feel comfortable using heavyweight fixed chainsaw mills. The chainsaw mills currently available in the market will be lightweight and easy to carry. So, before buying a functional chainsaw mill, consider its weight.


Before buying a chainsaw mill, make sure you have a warranty on how many days it has. The warranty of any power equipment depends on its brand. In the case of these devices, the brands offer a one-year warranty.

Most of the time, expensive brands feel comfortable providing the full warranty. As a buyer, it is your moral responsibility to check the product’s warranty so that you can use it in the long run.

Final Words

By using a functional chainsaw mill, you will be able to manage the cutting of the said tree and different types of wood in a very short time and accurately. In general, chainsaw mills are particularly suitable for turning into versatile equipment. For the benefit of all, we have already discussed the above best chainsaw for Alaskan sawmill.

Hopefully, by following our buying guide, you will select the required one according to your type of work from those chainsaw mills. Also, if you want to buy a reliable tool, you can buy Portable Chainsaw Mill Planking Milling Bar.


How big of a chainsaw do I need to cut down a tree?

Simply answer is the chainsaw’s size should be at least 2 inches thicker from the tree you want to cut.

How does an Alaskan mill work?

This makes the different parts of your tree strongly cut flat and smooth.

How long should logs dry before sawing?

It depends on lots of criteria, but it may one or two years.

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