Best Sharpening Stone for Hunting Knives

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Best Sharpening Stone for Hunting Knives Overview


No matter the type of blade, it’s essential that you know how to sharpen knives. A dull knife is a safe knife but can also be significantly inconvenient.

It’s important to note that there are many opinions on the best sharpening stone for hunting knives.

Some people believe any sharpening stone will do the trick, and others believe certain materials will work better than others.

What is the best sharpening stone for hunting knives?

Well, no single stone will be the right one for all types of blades. There are many different stones, though, that can serve different purposes.

I’ve listed some of the best sharpening stones that are good for different types of blades.

1. Waterstone

This is a hard stone, and you sharpen it under running water. You use water as a lubricant, which makes your blade sharpen faster and keeps the environmental impact to a minimum because you are not throwing water away every time you sharpen.

I use this type of stone for bad quality knives or when I want fine edges because this is an excellent grain stone.

2. Rock/Abrasives

These are generally more giant stones, made of natural rock materials, and durable than water stones. You sharpen your knife using the same technique as with water stones.

These stones are best for thinner blades (such as Japanese blades) because they can take fine particles very well without chipping the blade.

3. Best Sharpening Stone for Hunting Knives

This type of stone comes from fields, so it has many natural minerals, giving an excellent abrasive effect.

These stones are not as hard as water ones, but they are still very effective. You can find these types of stones on Amazon.

The only downside to this sharpening technique is that you need a lot of patience because the knives will not get sharper than 14 degrees, and all the damage will be on the blade’s edge, so you need a more delicate stone for that purpose.


The diamond is an expensive sharpener, but I will tell you why it’s worth it.

The DMT is a diamond wheel, and when you run your knife against the wheel, it produces much better results than using any other stones.

You can use this stone for dull blades, but I recommend that you use the DMT for hunting knives, which are usually very dull or stuck in a hook because of how dull they are.


This is another expensive sharpener, and you can buy this sharpener on Amazon. It’s an electric sharpener, which means it’s running with electricity, and you can use it to sharpen the finest of knives.

I use this type of stone for my kitchen knives because they need to be very sharp, but I recommend you use it only if you are planning on buying a new knife.


There are many different types of stones on the market, so it can be challenging to choose the best option.

If you are looking to sharpen your hunting knives, then there’s only one stone that I would recommend: a diamond wheel.

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