How to Adjust Hunter Sprinkler Heads Without Key (2 Steps)?

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Having a lawn is great but not everyone achieves the lawn they would like to have. One of the main things that contribute to a healthy lawn is a sprinkler system. When you buy a hunter sprinkler system, you should also know how to adjust the sprinkler head to get the best performance when irrigating your lawn.

In this guide, I will show you how to adjust hunter sprinkler heads without key.

Why Should You Adjust the Sprinkler Head?

It is essential to adjust the sprinkler head to drive water far from the sprinkler head. It is easy to adjust the sprinkler head to provide better coverage when irrigating your lawn. Additionally, proper adjustments prevent overlapping coverage and this conserves water.

You should adjust the sprinkler system from time to time to meet your lawn’s needs. since the coverage in many sprinkler heads is not automatic, you should adjust the head to achieve the desired spray pattern, arc, and coverage.

For instance, if you see the grass in some parts of your yard is turning yellow, then you should adjust hunter rotary sprinkler heads to direct more water to those parts.

How to Adjust Rotating Sprinkler Heads?

Adjusting hunter pop-up sprinkler heads is easy if you follow the right steps. the following are the steps you should follow:

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1. Radius Adjustment

Check the radius reduction screw

Put a metal hex on one end of your hunter wrench. You can also use a flat screwdriver on the reduction screw radius. You can find the screw on the top at the Hunter name.

Turn off water flow valve

You can turn off the water flow valve by turning the screw clockwise. This reduces the radius and closes the inner water flow valve.

Turn on the water flow valve

You can do this by turning the screw counterclockwise. This increases the radius of the inner water flow valve.

Check hunter PGP ultra-adjustment

Remove the flat screwdriver of the key to turn on the watering system and check the adjustments.

2. Arc Adjustment

Check the nozzle turret

Hold the body of the sprinkler with one hand. Look for the nozzle turret, which is the part that sprays water from the sprinkler. After locating the nozzle turret, turn it counterclockwise until it reaches the preset left stop.

Turn the nozzle turret

Turn this nozzle clockwise until the point it stops at the right fixed arc stop and keep holding it in this position. You cannot adjust the fixed right stop. The arc adjustments located on the left side regulate the water spray direction.

After this, put the hex wrench or plastic key end to the adjustment socket above the sprinkler head.

Increase or decrease the left side arc

Turn the hex wrench or key clockwise on the arc’s left side. The biggest possible radius you can achieve is 360 degrees. At this point, the wrench of key stops turning.

To decrease the radius, turn the hex wrench or the key anticlockwise on the arc left side. The smallest radius it can turn is 40 degrees and it stops turning at that point.

Check the Adjustments

It is important to check your adjustments to see if it is working well, to do this, remove the hex wrench or the key and then turn the watering system on. Check and see how you made the adjustments.

Final Words

Adjusting your hunter sprinkler heads is important to enjoy effective watering for your lawn. There are many hunter sprinkler key alternatives you can use if you do not have a key. If you understand how to adjust hunter sprinkler head without key, then you avoid overlapping coverage.

Lawn diseases, soggy grass, and water pooling are all problems that come with overlapping coverage. You should also adjust the sprinkler head arc to avoid spraying water on sidewalks and driveways. This can make it turn green or form mildew and mold.


How frequently should I adjust my hunter sprinkler tool?

There is no specific time that you should adjust your sprinkler head. Make adjustments anytime you see the different parts of your lawn are getting less or more water.

Which tools do I need to adjust the sprinkler head?

The top of your sprinkler head has screws, then you can use a screwdriver to make the adjustments. Other sprinkler heads are designed with arc adjustment slots that you can easily adjust with a rotor screwdriver. Some sprinkler heads have a small hole on the topside that you need to use a key.

How do I know the type of sprinkler head I have?

There are three types of sprinkler heads you can find. It can be a rotor, pop-up, or impact sprinkler. Pop-up sprinklers feature a spray pattern similar to the area where they point. Rotor sprinklers have a single water stream while impact sprinklers work in a circular motion because of the water flow.

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