How to Adjust Rain Bird 5000 Plus Sprinkler Heads?

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Rain Bird is famous for being one of the most reliable sprinkler systems for both home and commercial purposes. However, some people find it difficult to adjust this sprinkler head in the beginning.

This article will discuss how to adjust Rain Bird 5000 Plus sprinkler heads to make the adjusting process a breeze.

How to Adjust Rain Bird Sprinkler Heads?

When you look at the Rainbird 5000 adjustment diagram, you’ll notice three access points for the tool:

  1. The one inside the arrow at the front just above the nozzle indicates spray direction.
  2. The Center socket has the radius adjustment screw.
  3. The third socket with a plus and minus sign on two sides helps to adjust the right-hand stopping point of the rotor.
  4. As for the Rain Bird 5000 Plus model, it has an additional socket at the center. This lets you completely shut off the water flow.

If you want to adjust the sprinkler head, following the Rainbird 5000 manual should be enough. However, if you’ve lost it, read the instructions below:

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Step 1 – Start with Locating the Left Stop

Start with the left stop adjustment since while purchasing this item, the left stop comes fixed. You need to adjust it first, and without it, the adjustment key won’t work.

To locate this, the turret or the sprinkler head’s top needs to be rotated clockwise and then back again. You don’t want to keep pushing it back to the left when you notice it is not going anymore. This stopping point is known as the hard stop.

Step 2 – Adjust the Hard Stop

Use a Channellock plier and rotate the entire head of the sprinkler to the right first and then turn it to the left again where you want it to spray. With this, you are making a hard stop.

Step 3 – Adjust the Right Stop

Once you’ve set the left side, it is time to concentrate on the right. Take a flat head screwdriver or the Rain Bird key and insert it to rotate the turret clockwise and then counterclockwise as per your needs.

Step 4 – Arc Adjustment

The arc adjustment is made with the help of the given tool or with a screwdriver. However, the screwdriver needs to have a flat head.

Place the tool into the slot with the +/– sign and turn it clockwise or anticlockwise—the arc increases during the first and decreases during the latter.

Step 5 – Radius Adjustment

The spraying distance of water is known as the radius. Fine-tuning is necessary so that you don’t sprinkle water in other places.

The slot for adjusting radius is positioned above the Rainbird 5000 nozzles with an arrow showing the flow direction. Adjust the radius with the tool and turn it right to increase and left to decrease the radius.

Step 6 – Total Adjustment Verification

After you’re done with all the necessary adjustments, it is time to verify your work. To do that, you have to run the entire watering cycle. The head needs to rotate its full range to inform you about the starting and the stopping positions.

Don’t forget to check the arc and the radius so that water doesn’t get sprayed in unintended places.

Final Words

Besides adjusting the head once, you must inspect the sprinkler head at least once a year to ensure that you’re receiving adequate coverage. Since you know how to adjust Rain Bird 5000 Plus sprinkler heads, inspecting it should be pretty easy from now on.


How to adjust Rain Bird 1800 pop-up sprinkler heads?

Adjusting the Rain Bird 1800 model is very easy. Just by twisting the thread on the collar, the spray pattern can be adjusted. And by using a flathead screwdriver on the adjustment screw on the top, you can change the spray distance easily.

How is the Rainbird 5000 troubleshooting done?

The troubleshooting is done by aligning the trip points first and then adjusting the arc with the nozzle. However, if you notice any major damage to the sprinkler head, it needs to be replaced.

My Rainbird 5000 is not rotating. How do I fix it?

If your sprinkler head isn’t rotating, then, unfortunately, there is no way to fix it other than replacing the entire sprinkler head.

Which one is the best low water pressure sprinkler head?

The best sprinkler heads for low water pressure conditions are obtained by installing Inline or Anti-Siphon Drip Control Zone Kits with a pressure regulator to a Rain Bird sprinkler head.

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