How to Adjust Toro Sprinkler Head Radius?

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Toro sprinklers are great and they come in different models. Understanding how to adjust Toro sprinkler head radius is crucial for enhanced performance. There are several adjustment techniques you can do like the radius, spray direction, arc, and spray distance.

If you do all these correctly, your sprinkler should provide the best coverage when irrigation your lawn. I will take you through some tips on how you can adjust different Toro sprinklers.

Types of Toro Sprinkler Heads

Adjusting Toro Mini 8 Sprinkler Head

If you have this sprinkler, the head has two adjustment keys that provide convenience of use. follow these steps to adjust the sprinkler head.

  1. Switch off the irrigation system to adjust the sprinkler head manually. You should do this while standing behind the sprinkler.
  2. Hold the nozzle turret and turn it clockwise to the point where it stops. Next, rotate the nozzle turret counterclockwise to the point where it stops.
  3. Turn the sprinkler’s housing canister and align the left stop to the landscaping features. For instance, you can align the left stop horizontally to prevent water from splashing on the driveways or sidewalks.
  4. Insert the Mini 8 rotor key to the arc adjuster slot located on the sprinkler’s left side. Turn this key clockwise, this increases the arc’s right side. By turning the key counterclockwise, you reduce the arc’s right side.
  5. Put the key in the screw for adjusting the radius. Turn the key clockwise to minimize the radius of the sprinkler head. Turning it counterclockwise increases the water radius.
  6. After making these adjustments, turn on the irrigation system and see the adjustments you made.

Toro 570 Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Follow these simple steps to adjust the sprinkler head for this model.

  • Buy an MPR nozzle that features the right settings.
  • Choose the sprinkler that you need to make the adjustments.
  • On top of the nozzle, put needle-nose pliers and then pull the spray head up.
  • Use one hand to hold the supply tube.
  • Twist the current MRP nozzle counterclockwise until you remove it.

Toro 700 Sprinkler Head Adjustment

Adjusting the sprinkler head is easy. However, its reverse point doesn’t move. Set this sprinkler in your garden and the left side of its watering arc should align with the left side of the part you want to water.

Get a super 700 nozzle tool and wrench to turn its lock pin counterclockwise. Push down and then turn the head of the sprinkler counterclockwise to reduce and the watering arc should be on the watering area’s left side.

Final Words

With the above steps, I hope you understand how to adjust Toro sprinkler head radius. Making the adjustments is easier regardless of the Toro sprinkler model you have.

Adjusting the sprinkler head radius is great because it provides the right coverage when watering your lawn. Whichever Toro sprinkler you have, the adjustment process is pretty much the same if you follow the above steps.


What makes sprinkler heads stop rotating?

One of the main reasons that can cause this problem is damages to the internal components. You need to lubricate the gears so they can move freely. When the oil dries up, the internal gears can get damaged and this makes the head stop rotating.

How should I adjust Toro Super 800 sprinkler head?

The rotor for this sprinkler features a fixed left stop. Turn the turret nozzle clockwise until it stops to locate the left stop point. Then rotate it back to the left. You can increase the arch by putting the key in the arc adjustment slot.

How can I change the nozzle on the Toro sprinkler head?

To do this, kneel beside the sprinkler.  Put the screwdriver’s blade below the edge of the sprinkler head and pull it up moderately. Hold the riser tube and then pull it up to four inches to extend the tube from the ground.

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