How to Glue PVC Pipe When Wet?

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Gluing wet PVC pipes can be a nightmare if not done properly. Water leakage, loose joints, and damaged PVC pipes are the result of poorly glued joints.

To be clear, you can glue PVC pipes when they are wet. But that requires a different type of cement and application method.

Today, we are going to explain how to glue PVC pipe when wet and give you some additional information on the process.

Can You Glue Wet PVC Pipe?

Yes, if you follow a certain instruction set and use the right cement, you can glue wet PVC pipes.

Note that not all glue will support wet and humid conditions. Using the wrong cement will cause unprecedented leaks and breakdowns.

Best Glue for Wet PVC Pipe

  1. Christy Red Hot Blue Glue
  2. Weld-On 705 PVC
  3. Harvey Wet Set PVC Cement

Wet PVC Pipe Gluing Methods

If you have the correct glue, then all that’s left is to effectively apply the glue to the wet PVC pipe.

The methods differ a little bit depending on how wet the PVC pipe is. If the pipe has an active water line, then you might want to turn off the water first and then approach the situation.

If the pipe is not very wet –

  1. Clean the mouth/opening of both pipes.
  2. Take the cement brush and apply 2 layers of glue coating over the mouths of the pipes.
  3. Wait a few moments after applying one layer and then proceed to the next.
  4. Press both the openings together, and they should slide right into each other.
  5. Secure the position for a while.
  6. Wipe off the excess glue.

Do make sure to apply a generous amount of glue as most procedures fail due to the lack of glue. Applying more glue will not negatively affect the pipes. Also, don’t take too long to finish the whole process as the glue may start to dry and settle in.

On the contrary, if the PVC pipe is very wet and slippery, try to dry it off first. Using a paper towel or just leaving it to dry under the sun will do just fine. The rest of the procedure stays the same.

Additional Information

This section will talk about some special cases and scenarios you might face while working with wet PVC pipes.

Wet PVC Pipe Repair

Fixing small leaks from cracks in the pipe or loose fittings can be very bothersome. There are two simple fixes to this,

  • Turn off the water line and take apart the PVC pipes from the joints. Dry them off and properly apply some cement. The leak should be gone if it’s originated from loose fittings.
  • If the leak is from cracks or you just don’t want to take apart both the pipes, you can apply cement over the leaks to get a temporary seal. To do this,
  1. Wipe the pipe with a dry towel and identify the leaking spot.

2. Put several layers of cement over the leak. Each one after the previous one has dried off.

3. Do this until you feel like the seal is strong enough.

4. Test to see if it leaks.

PVC Glue for Pool Plumbing

Pool plumbing requires more specialized glue as they have to withstand high-pressure water for extended periods of time.

For this, we recommend the Oatey PVC 2300 Series Pool-tite Hot Blue glue. These glues have high endurance and are made for high-pressure applications. They are also very flexible.

Final Words

With all the disclosed information, you should now know how to glue PVC pipe when wet and make the correct decisions during your next pipe repair session.

The process is very simple and straightforward. Just keep in mind the types of glue to be used in various situations and cases. Hope we’ve cleared any inquiries you’ve had.


How long should PVC glue dry before turning on water?

It really depends on how many layers of glue you are adding. Generally, it takes 15 minutes for the glue to become water-resistant and at least two hours to completely settle in.

Does PVC need to be dry to glue?

If you are using glue suitable for wet and humid conditions, then it doesn’t need to be dry. But for the general PVC glue, yes, the PVC needs to be dry, or else the glue will not settle in.

What is the best PVC glue for high pressure?

Although there are several brands out there serving the same purpose, the Oatey PVC 2300 Series Blue glue has our recommendation. It has been very well known for a long time and has satisfied its customers.

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