How To Start A Stihl Chainsaw (The Beginner’s Guide)

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If you ever need to cut wood or trees, use a Stihl chainsaw to handle the operation. It is especially suitable for handling all your construction or repair work. In this case, the need to properly start a Stihl chainsaw is immense. If you have no idea about starting the chainsaw, this article will help you to learn how to start a Stihl chainsaw.

You can use this tool for various tasks, including pruning unnecessary stalks, to take care of your tree regularly. In general, some people still use the ax to handle such tasks. Many have been using axes to complete these tasks for a few years.

Since an ax is an old method, it takes several times more effort and time to use it. So nowadays, almost everyone feels comfortable using modern style Stihl chainsaw.

How do you Start a Stihl Chainsaw – Step by Step Guide

Since you have a Stihl chainsaw, start using it immediately if you have never used a Stihl chainsaw before. Currently, Stihl is one of the best chainsaws available in the market. If you have a Stihl chainsaw, you can think of yourself as a proud user. In general, it will be able to start in the same process as other chainsaws.

These chains are made of levers, switches, chokes, throttle, etc., of the same system. Also, most Stihl chains have a priming bulb and decompression. Basically, there are some significant differences between Stihl chainsaws and other chainsaws.

Typically, other chains have a switch for on-off-run positions. On the other hand, the rear handles of these Stihl chains have a single master control lever that allows you to start the process very easy.

The Process of Starting a Fully Stihl Chainsaw

Be sure to warm it up before starting a Stihl chainsaw. If you want to control the warmer conditions, place the chain directly in the run-on position. Of course, starting your Stihl chainsaws does not have the effect of hot or cold. Both have the same temperature, so there is no need to worry about cold or heat.

In general, remove the cover of the chain before starting and follow the accompanying checklist for accuracy.

Then, you will be able to apply your chain break by pressing forward until it is possible to click on the said chain guard’s position. In this case, if you skip this process, the chain will start to spin after pulling the recoil starter cord. The decompression valve on your Stihl chainsaw is basically at the top of the chainsaw.

Also, in some cases, the decompression valve may be on the handle’s front or back. Next, release the engine compression by pushing the decompression valve of the said chain. Basically, this process greatly simplifies the task of pulling your recall starter.

Generally, there is a need to remove unnecessary air from the primer bulb and fuel pipe. You will see small and well-formed plastic bubbles on one side of your Stihl chain to remove the air. Basically, this chain flows through the carburetor through this process.

Then, just press a few times to start the engine easily and quickly. If you squeeze the bulb more than you need to, it can flood your engine. The master control lever next to the rear handle of this Stihl chainsaw gives you lazy speed. In this case, we suggest you start from the cold start position from the lever. To set the lever, hold the handle and press the throttle trigger lock on it.

Pull the throttle with your index finger and pull the master control lever of this Stihl chainsaw downwards. Make sure that the chain does not touch the surface. If you want to secure your chainsaw, you will be able to maintain a strong grip by holding the front handle with the left hand. After securing your chainsaw, you will be able to grab the recoil starter rope with your right hand if you wish.

You can use the boot’s front edge if you need to press the rear handle. In this case, keep pulling it to give it the top of your starter rope until you feel resistance. Note that you can try to avoid contact the cord and the chainsaw casing frequently. The engine will light up when you feel the pull on the starter rope. Generally, the engine is likely to break down a bit before it shuts down.

Essential Safety Tips

Ensure your safety when working with a Stihl chainsaw. Conduct the chain start at least 10 feet away from any fuel zone. Also, make sure you have the chain brakes on the chainsaw before you start. Check if your chainsaw is fit for work and make sure it is oily.

Generally, apply a chain brake to the equipment before working in uneven areas. Wear PPE to keep yourself safe before you start work. Basically, repair the chain well before starting the engine and lubricate it to the required extent. Make arrangements to reduce the risk so that the Stihl chain does not provide risk from the tip.

To prevent inactivity of your chainsaw, make sure that you do not contact the catalyst converter as that part is risky. Also, there is a need to use a chainsaw sharpener for your work progress and work comfortably. In this case, refrain from dropping your Stihl chainsaw.

Restart it After a Long Period of Inactivity

If your chainsaw is inactive, repair it. Do complete repair before starting work after long inactivity. If you want to make a successful start with it, then take care of the chain in the right way.

Basically, prepare the chainsaw properly before using it. If you do not want to use it, drain the fuel from the tank. Next, you can start the engine by burning the chainsaw fuel system. In this case, there is no problem if the carburetor membrane storage is not together during preparation.

Remember, this simple process allows you to start long-term storage successfully. Generally, you will be able to reuse your chainsaw within six months of inactivity easily. Before starting the spark plug hole, mix the fuel into the cylinder with a syringe.

Proper Care Requirements

Generally, you check the tension and lubrication of the chain every time you use it. If the chain seems loose to you, make sure to tighten it. Also, add more oil to the cylinder as soon as your chainsaw runs out of oil. Try cooling after you conduct the operation using it.

You can cool the chain by re-boiling it. Since its air filter is stuck with chips’ help, remove it after washing it thoroughly after finishing the work. Also, keep your chainsaws clean and free of contamination at all times. Therefore, regularly clean the surfaces around the engine cooling plates.

The Main Purpose of Stihl Chainsaws

It would be best if you had an idea of how much work a chainsaw can do regularly. In general, its functionality depends on the model of the chain. If you want to buy it for low frequency, i.e., small work, you can choose a cheaper model chainsaw.

Basically, using the cheap model chainsaw, you will be able to successfully do the work of pruning trees, wood processing, small pieces of wood for barbecue, etc. These devices are specially designed for short continuous operation. We do not recommend using this device heavily exactly don’t use it more than 20 hours per month.

Since this resource is small, it is especially useful to use it as your assistant within 400 hours of the operation. Use it to suit your very reasonable needs. Generally, these chainsaws have silencers for effective use. Basically, it helps to minimize the impact of your operation.

Final Words

If there are any problems while conducting the operation using a Stihl chainsaw, repair it. Basically, if you want to get good results through the process, then identify the said Stihl chainsaw’s defects. If you use a low-quality Stihl chainsaw, it will not be able to meet your needs.

Also, for your convenience, we have already discussed above how to start a Stihl chainsaw. Hopefully, by following the instructions above, you will be able to start a Stihl chainsaw in the right way.


Why will my Stihl chainsaw not start?

Generally, this problem can occur if there is any debris stuck in your fuel tank. It may not have started if fuel tank dirt.

How do I start my Stihl chainsaw for the first time?

If you are starting your Stihl chainsaw for the first time, hold the throttle trigger’s lockout with the thumb of the tool. Then, move the master control downwards by applying pressure.

Are Stihl chainsaws hard to start?

If you do regular maintenance, you will start the tool quickly. On the other hand, it is tough to start a Stihl chainsaw if it is inactive for a long time.

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