How To Use A Chainsaw To Cut Down A Tree?

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Cutting down trees with an ax and conventional saw is a thing of the distant past. Nowadays, most homeowners prefer to rely on a chainsaw when it comes to cutting down trees. With this modern tool, many people feel comfortable managing the process of cutting down trees. If you have experience with the process of using this tool, you will be able to cut down a tree effortlessly.

Many are very interested in learning the process of using this tool. So in this article, I will discuss the processes of how to fell a tree using a chainsaw. Cutting a tree with a chainsaw is not a very difficult task. In most cases, the process of cutting down trees is somewhat dangerous and risky. Therefore, there is a special need to be careful while conducting such activities.

You have a suitable tool for cutting trees and proper safety gear. Before running a chainsaw, make sure of that. Every homeowner needs to have this modern equipment. If there is no old tree suitable for cutting, then the importance of that tool is immense, even cutting any tree branches.

Generally, it is essential to observe the area around large trees before cutting them. It is important to take the necessary steps to ensure that there is no damage to any area or small trees in the area for conducting tree felling activities. If you can determine the right way for a tree to fall to the ground, there is no accident risk.

The importance of pruning dead, eroded and weak branches of any tree is immense. It is important to ensure your safety when cutting trees with a chainsaw. If you have never cut down a tree before or you are incompetent to handle this task. In this case, you can take the help of a professional to cut a big tree in a very short time.

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Also, it is a wise decision to seek professional help to avoid any accident and unwanted situation while cutting down a tree. There is no need for a professional if you are an experienced person. In this case, you will be able to cut down trees of all sizes safely and effectively.

Choose the Right Equipment

First of all, you need a tool to cut down the trees that you will use to manage the cutting activities safely and in less time. If you want to cut trees perfectly and quickly, you can choose a chainsaw like the best tool. Generally, you will be able to cut small to medium trees with 16 to 18-inch bar tools. Also, 20 to 24-inch bar tools are especially suitable for cutting large trees.

If you want to cut a tree successfully with a chainsaw, you first need to know all the information about the tool. If you cut trees with tools 18 inches or more in diameter, you also need a few cut wedges. When the cutting process is in its final stages, the roots or branches of the tree are unlikely to spread. Also, these are very useful to get rid of the tree leaning towards you.

How to Use a Chainsaw to Fell a Tree?

Make a groove at a 70 angle to your tool after determining the direction of tree fall. Then, start cutting the tree carefully at a 70 angle with a chainsaw. The top of the groove must be shallow if you want to conduct the cutting process in the perfect process.

Deepen the trunk’s bottom so that the chainsaw does not pass more than 7 feet from the tree. Keep the tool at least 30 to 60 cm high to make contact with the groove under the ground. Next, make a straight and horizontal cut at the groove base when starting the process of cutting the tree with a chainsaw.

Make sure its base is straight and refrain from cutting more than 7 of the trunk. Now, start cutting the tree using the tip of the chainsaw blade. Then, make sure to enter the trunk instead of cutting next to the tool.

On the other hand, suppose the horizontal at the other end of the tree is not entirely cut. In this case, you continue the process of cutting on the opposite side of the groove, keep it running until the process is complete. Use a hammer to drill a wedge about 2.5 to 5 cm away for this horizontal cutting.

At this stage, you can also make a wedge on the opposite side of the tree and on the side, which will help you save time. Be able to cut trees in the right process through grooves.

You stand in front of the tree and make sure you can move safely to the right or left from where the tree will fall. Cut the stem at an angle of about 70-degrees towards the face where the tree will fall and the side of the tree. Then, continue the cutting activities one-third way through the trunk of the tree.

If you follow these procedures correctly and carry out the cutting activities, then the tree will slowly start tilting. When you hear the trunk breaking crack or sound, move to a safe distance because now it is time to read the tree. At this stage, close your chainsaw, try to stay at least four and a half meters away from the tree.

Goal setting and blank space requirements

Before cutting a tree, it is essential to analyze the area around the tree. If there is any installation in the area, make a final decision about cutting down the tree with sufficient time. Also, take the necessary precautions if the tree you want to cut down has fences, garages, and other structures next to it.

When the process of cutting down the tree is almost at the final stage, it is not naturally under your control. So before starting the process of cutting the tree, measure the length of the tree and space.

In this case, make sure that the whole tree can fall into space without being tied. If you look at the tree from below, it may seem a bit taller than the correct measurements. The landing layer’s length should be slightly longer if you want to prevent the tree from rolling or lifting. If the surrounding area is full of trees, some more trees may collapse with the falling tree. Therefore, it is essential to set goals before cutting down trees of any size.

Determine your escape routes

When you make the final decision about cutting down a tree, it means you can cut that tree safely. In this case, first of all, take the necessary steps to facilitate the place where the tree will fall. Then, collect a chainsaw and clean the area. If there are any people, animals, or anything else around the tree, remove it. When the tree falls, plan two ways so that you can escape very easily and quickly.

Since when a tree falls, it goes out of your control, so choose two escape routes for extra caution. In general, it is important for each escape route to be at an angle of about 45 degrees. Also, be careful to stay safe from trees at least 15 feet long.

Ensure your safety

If you have never conducted tree felling with a chainsaw, refrain from using it to cut more giant trees in the first experience. Also, avoid the process of felling trees if you do not have all the necessary protection measures.

In general, cutting a tree is not a highly complex matter. It just needs to plan, focus, and be careful to cut in the right process. If you feel you are not the best fit to run the business, get yourself out of the process. Check the weather forecast before conducting such cutting activities. If it is raining or windy, it is best to wait until the weather is typical.

Wear pants, goggles, and a protective helmet for your safety before cutting down trees. Basically, goggles and helmets will protect your eyes and head from getting hurt through different parts of a tree. The protective pants (Kevlar) help you prevent the chances of getting hurt due to the chainsaw’s groove.

It is very important to wear the above protective materials to deal with injuries while cutting trees. Remove the power cables immediately from the area around the tree. If you want to cut down a dead or rotten tree, there is a need to determine that tree’s durability.

Final Words

If you want to cut a tree using a chainsaw:

  1. Implement the plan with adequate care.
  2. Before cutting the tree, make sure that the chain is oily.
  3. Wear all types of personal protective equipment (PPE) immediately for your own protection.

We have already outlined processes of how to use a chainsaw to cut down a tree for the benefit of all of you. Our main goal is to highlight the above information about a chainsaw and make the process of cutting that tree easier. Hopefully, you will be successful if you take the initiative to cut down trees with a chainsaw’s help by following the above procedures.


What size chain will I use to cut a tree?

The chainsaw should be two inches longer than the tree you want to cut. For example, if the tree’s diameter is 12 inches, then the chainsaw diameter should be 14 inches.

When can an accident happen if a tree is cut down?

There is a risk of an accident if you conduct tree-felling activities during heavy rains or storms. Therefore, it is vital to monitor the weather before cutting down trees.

Can I cut down a tree myself?

If you have never cut a tree with a chainsaw before, refrain from cutting large trees. On the other hand, you will cut small trees yourself that do not require a ladder.

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