How to Use an Extension Ladder to Get on a Roof?

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Many accidents happen for a single cause: not knowing how to use an extension ladder. Whether you’re a beginner with ladder climbing or have some proper ideas, the things we’re going to talk about in this guide can always be useful to keep in mind.

How to Use a Ladder?

Properly setting up a ladder on the floor is half the work; setting it upright is the other half. They both combined make an extension ladder safe to use. You already know how to set it up right but what you possibly don’t know is how to set it on the floor, which is what we’re going to talk about now.

Stable Footing Angle

You want to place your ladder in a way that will allow you to get on it and stay stable even as you move. You don’t want to have it stand on a very low angle or keep it far from the wall by making a big angle. Try to make the angle 75 degrees and place the feet of the ladder at the right distance to correct the angle.

Stable Grip

If there’s a concrete floor or anything hard on the floor, try to use a rubber grip ladder feet to keep it stable. There are textured rubber feet available for ladders to keep them stable even under watery or slippery conditions.

On the other hand, if the floor is soft ground, you don’t actually need those rubber feet. You can simply place the spiked side of the feet on the ground. That’ll make sure that they stick to the ground tightly.

If the ground is uneven, you may need to dig some of it to level it down and place the ladder. The goal here is to make sure that the ladder stands straight on the bottom. So, digging or using spiked grips or rubber grips are all part of this goal.

Ladder Grip

You can get a ladder grip if you want to be extra careful while getting up on a ladder. This can help the ladder stabilize even more.

How to Put a Ladder Against a House?

Don’t put a ladder on the edge wall of a house. Always place it in the middle to be safe. If you’re in the middle of a wall and you fall from the ladder, the chances are that you can grip onto a window or a sunset.

But that’s not going to be the case if you place the ladder on the edge of the wall of a house.


Now let’s talk about some commonly asked queries about using ladders.

How to get on the roof with gutters?

To protect the gutters from getting damaged by the ladder’s pressure, use gutter support.

Do extension ladders have to be tied off?

Yes. They should be. Also, it’s better to keep three feet of the ladder on top of the roof to ensure proper stability.

At what height do you need a harness?

It’s a good idea to use a harness, especially while using extension ladders with heights of more than ten feet. The harness ropes can help to prevent serious damages if the ladder falls from the wall.

Can you separate an extension ladder?

It’s better not to. Extension ladders are designed to work in the form they were made. Messing with its normal form might make it riskier to get on it.

Final Words

We talked about some ideas on how to use an extension ladder to get on a roof in this guide. Try to follow the ladder safety guidelines as you get on a ladder. If you’re a newbie in ladder climbing, try to start climbing low. Slowly progress your way into longer heights. Learn to stay stable and maintain proper balance in long heights.

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