What is a 515 Spray Tip Used for?

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One of the most versatile tools for any painter is the airless sprayer. It helps them to put any coating type on any surface with ease and perfection.

However, how well the paint will be sprayed largely depends on the spray tip. There are multiple different types of spray tips and they’re usually differentiated with specific numbers.

In this article, we’re going to look into what is a 515 spray tip used for. But first, let’s have a quick review of the basics of what a sprayer tip does.

Sprayer Tips

The sprayer tip in the airless sprayer is used to break up the paint evenly into spray patterns of the tiniest droplets. By using different sized tips, you can easily spray different consistency of paint and of different amounts on a surface.

These different sprayer tips are known through their three-digit numbers. The first digit indicates the width of the spray fan, and the other two digits together indicate the size of the hole.

Some of the sprayer tip numbers are 313, 315, 515, 517, etc. Let’s have a look at what one of those numbers (515) denotes.

515 Spray Tip Uses

The spray tip number 515 will show us the width of its spray fan as well as the size of its hole.

Its first digit 5 will give us the width in inches when the number is multiplied by 2. So, the spray width of the spray tip 515 will be 5×2 = 10 inches or 25.4 cm.

As for the other two digits — 15, they denote the orifice size in thousands of an inch. This means the spray tip 515 has an orifice size of 15 thousandths of an inch in diameter.

In other words, this tip has a .015 (fifteen-thousandths) opening for the paint to go through.

You can use spray tip 515 to paint walls in a room of a house. Its large spray width will make your painting job easy and quick.

Final Words

Sprayer really does make the job easier by working four times faster than the traditional method. When spraying large surfaces, picking a spray tip with a wider fan helps in this cause.

Now that you know what is a 515 spray tip used for, along with other spray tip sizes, it will be easier for you to pick the one that suits your needs best.


What is a 515 spray tip used for?

The spray tip 515 has a spray fan width of 10 inches. This spray pattern is an ideal spray tip for ceilings and walls in a home.

Which sprayer tip to use for doors?

Since doors aren’t as big as walls or ceilings, there is no need to use spray tips with a 10-inch wide fan. That’s why the best spray tip for doors would be a 310 or a 312 tip. Their 6-inch fan width will produce less overlapping on the door.

What is a sprayer tip chart?

If you want to know which sprayer tip to use for different materials, look for the sprayer tip chart online or with the sprayer manufacturer. It doesn’t matter which brand you’re using, be it Graco spray tips chart or Wagner spray tips chart, they all have their own tips chart.

What tip should I use to spray cabinets?

Since cabinets usually need satin finish paint, it is better to use 311 tips on them for spraying water-based enamel.

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