What is the Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel (Top 6 Picks)

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COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set- 15Pcs M35

‎12.6 ounces

Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎6.22 x 4.45 x 1.89 inches


Bosch CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set

Brand: ‎BOSCH

Weight: ‎‎1.06 pounds

Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎8.98 x 4.61 x 1.61 inches


DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point

Brand: ‎‎Dewalt

Weight: ‎12.8 ounces

Dimensions: ‎‎‎‎‎8.75 x 1.74 x 8.75 inches

When you need a drill bit for stainless steel, you should know about bit type and quality. You may need to spend a little more money to drill in the stainless steel surface.

In addition, still and cobalt bits is available in the market. If you want to choose still bit, you may need a couple of hundred dollars, and the cobalt bit price is a little high than steel. However, it is entirely depending on what are you looking for?

You need to ask yourself whether you want a smooth, unobstructed hole or a very rough, angled surface. After that, the question is, what is the best drill bit for stainless steel? We recommend COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set, and it is perfect from all angles.

6 Best Drill Bit for Stainless Steel Reviews in 2021

1. COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set- 15Pcs M35

COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set- 15Pcs M35

The ordinary general drill bit has a shorter life and lots of issues about durability. COMOWARE cobalt drill bit set contrast to standard drill bits. It has a 5 percent Cobalt High-Speed Steel M35 that offers extended tool life.

However, it has an excellent design, like a gold oxide finish with a precise 135-degree split point. Similarly, the perfect performance of this drill bit can ensure chips move correctly.

This drill bit set has HSS material that can be perfect for any type of hardened material. If you need to cut hard metal like stainless steel or cast iron, you can use it frequently. In addition, it is very suitable for soft materials cutting. You will get a package of 15 length drill bit set with it.


Materials – Cobalt percentage steel provides extended tool life.

Design  Precise twist design with a split point.

Finish  Gold oxide finishes with shanks.

Use  Usable for any hardened material like stainless steel, cast iron, etc.

Chips  Chips can move smoothly in this drill bit.

What I Liked

  • Provides perfect drill.
  • High-quality equipment.
  • Bit life is longer.

What I didn’t Like

  • There is a risk of breaking.

2. Bosch CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set

Bosch CO14B 14 Pc. Cobalt M42 Drill Bit Set

Cobalt M42 drill bit-provides reliability, high heat, and hardened surface resistance. M42 alloy material enhanced-contains 8% cobalt alloy that offers extended tools life. After that, this drill bit set is high-heat-resistant bits and withstand. This drill bit has a power that can extend the period of temperature applications.

For instance, if you need some additional stability for using the tough application, you can choose this drill bit. This drill bit can penetrate a tough surface easily. Tough surface or abrasive materials is not a matter for drilling by this drill bit.


Durability  It is durable for length bits’ design with a cobalt set.

Heat Resistance  It is durable and works for the hardened surface in steel, iron, and titanium.

Extended Life This bit has extended life for 8% cobalt alloy.

Temperature  Temperature adjusted for extended periods.

Helix Design  Helix design provides high stability for tough and rough applications.

What I Liked

  • It is made of stainless steel.
  • Able to resist heat.
  • Gives long durability.
  • It helps to keep safe.

What I didn’t Like

  • It is not possible to conduct drilling in all types of metals.

3. DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point

DEWALT Cobalt Drill Bit Set with Pilot Point

DEWALT Cobalt Bit is a complete pilot point split type drill bit set. If you are looking for a drill bit with maximum speed life and stainless steel, it is perfect. This set is stainless steel with hard materials for maximum life.

However, it is coming with a split-type design, and it can eliminate little walking along also it has control. You can use this bit for drilling into angle iron, I-Beams, and stainless steel with all similar metals.


Speed  It can provide maximum acceleration.

Extended Life  It has extended life for its quality materials.

Design  Split design with the pilot point.

Use  Usable for any hard metal. 

What I Liked

  • Able to provide maximum speed.
  • Suitable for hard metals.
  • Its controlling power is keen.
  • Provides protection.

What I didn’t Like

  • It takes more time to drill with it.

4. Metric M42 8% Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set

Metric M42 8% Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set

Metric Cobalt Twist Drill Bits Set has 8% Cobalt Steel, 68-70 HRC Premium M42. This bit set offers the best heat and shows resistance for wear and chip. It also has a long-life tool.

However, if you need a drill bit for various types of work like stainless steel cutting and plastic drilling, you can choose it. Therefore, it comes with 3 types of cutting design, and it can cut stainless steel, aluminum, plastic also hard metals. 

After that, this drill bit is very fast, even three to five times faster than others. More holes within the lowest price are the main things of this drill bits set. A sharp bit of this set can cut the metal materials. Cutting Metal materials, in the long run, is easily by this drill bit set.


Materials  Cobalt steel and HRC combination make it heat, wear resistance.

Strength  4 step cutting way like steel, plastic, aluminum, and metal.

Speed  Speed is significantly faster like another cobalt drill bit.

Sharpness  Sharp bit even it can cut metal materials in long strips.

Production  It can produce more holes at a low price.

What I Liked

  • Suitable for drilling on all metals.
  • It is chip-resistant.
  • Provides adequate sharpness.
  • A functional tool.

What I didn’t Like

  • Low-quality equipment.

5. Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set

Drill America M35 Cobalt Drill Bit Set has in 1/64′ increments. The package of 29 jobber length drill bits contains inch sizes from 1/16′ to 1/2″. If you need to drill hard materials for the long-term, you can choose it blindly. 

However, Cobalt steel can provide extended bits’ life even you drill high-speed steel. I don’t think about finishing this drill bit set because it has a gold oxide finish. Gold oxide finish with lubricates can provide wear resistance. After that, 135-degree split points can easily penetrate hard material without an assistance hole.


Size  1/16 inch to ½ inch in 1/64-inch size that length is 29.

Extended Life  Drill bit life is much extended even it cut metal or hard materials.

Finishing  Gold oxide finishes with wear and heat resistance.

Capability  It is capable of making a self-center hole without subsidiary hole making.

Angle  Cutting angle capacity is 135 degrees.

What I Liked

  • Best quality equipment.
  • Provides high speed.
  • It is made of steel.
  • Suitable for long time use.

What I didn’t Like

  • It isn’t easy to drill on strong metals with it.

6. Bosch CO2143 Cobalt Drill Bit

Bosch CO2143 Cobalt Drill Bit

Bosch CO2143 Cobalt Drill Bit has applicable for high temperatures. You can use any application for extended periods, even if it can get up to 1100 degrees. When you need to penetrate a tough surface or material, even it may be abrasive, and you can use it. Therefore, no matter if you want to penetrate any gauge metal type, high carbon steel or cast iron. 

This drill bit has come with available different jobber lengths. In addition, 135 degrees’ drill point angles will make the drilling easy. The uncoated surface cutting and twist bit-type of this drill bit make it different.


Temperature  High temperature adjustable up to 1100 degrees.

Stability  It is stable in rigid, thick, or tough design spontaneously.

Penetration  Able to penetrate tough and cut materials like steel or cast iron.

Bit Type  It is twist bit

Use  135-degree angle usable in surface coating and uncoated.

What I Liked

  • Suitable for high heat level applications.
  • Able to add long durability.
  • It is made with high-quality material.
  • Provides perfect performance.

What I didn’t Like

  • Can’t pierce the right place with it.

How to Choose Drill Bit for Stainless Steel?

Many people think drill bit only needs for fitting drill. The reality is that many types of stainless steel and drill bit are available today, so the first thing is to know about the kind of steel. After that, they are choosing the perfect hex head with a drill bit is very important. Few tips are below for choosing the perfect drill bit for stainless steel.

Drill Bit Quality

The first thing is bit quality; overall, drill bit quality is essential for perfect drilling. Make sure the highest quality of bit is possible. Make sure first the drill bit is stainless steel and well-polished. Stainless steel quality will make the drill bit more durable.

Therefore, a well-polished drill bit can make the dust-resistant experience. Finishing the drill bit can explore drill bit looks perfect. Make sure your drill bit has perfect finishing and stainless steel made.

Size & Space

Choose drill bit which set all drill, so it’s the perfect one. Standard size drill bits you can measure by several parameters. Easily you can measure the system by fractional, wire, letter, and gauge number. The drill size may be up to 1.5 inches shape in diameter.

You can choose a larger drill bit for commonly used. For instance, knowing the particular size of the hole with drill bits is essential. Most people find out the best alternative available for choosing drill bit. You can select multi-purpose or twist-type bits for drilling.

Types of Drill Bits

Many types of drill bits are available for various applications. Mainly types of drill bits depending on what type of applications you used. However, a typical 29-piece set is a fractional size set for black oxide, titanium, carbide, and high-speed steel.

Larger sets of drill bits would have been considered uncommon. A tiny large and larger size are very equivalent, but you need the perfect size when you choose between them.

Safety & Security

As usual drill bit has nothing about high safety or security issue. When you move with a power drill, it may risk electric shock or cuts and many more risk issues. Therefore, some safety and security issues should maintain when you use drilling. Keep your finger away from the drill bit for safety issues.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best drill bit for stainless steel is going to be precisely what you need. However, if you do not take the time to figure out what you need, you will wind up getting the COMOWARE Cobalt Drill Bit Set.

In this case, you might be better off going with one of the mentioned drill bit set and then taking the time to figure out what it is that you need in the long run. If you take the time to figure out the best drill bit for stainless steel, you will not have to replace your equipment too often.


Do you need special drill bits for stainless steel?

Since stainless steels are very hard, you cannot drill with standard tools. In this case, select the high-speed drill bit.

Is cobalt or titanium drill bits better?

The titanium drill bit is suitable for your wood, plastic, and all other types of soft metals. In contrast, cobalt drill bits are useful for all kinds of hard metals, including iron.

What oil do you use for drilling metal?

Basically, the lubrication process helps to simplify your drilling activities. So, you can use versatile oil according to the type of work.

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