Best Chain For Echo CS 400 (Top 3 Picks & Reviews)

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Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Brand: Oregon
‎6.4 ounces

Dimensions: ‎‎5 x 10 x 1 inches


Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Brand: ‎‎Oregon

Weight: 5.6 ounces

Dimensions: ‎‎‎5 x 10 x 1 inches


UpStart Components 18" Semi Chisel Saw Chain

Brand: UpStart Components

A chainsaw’s chain helps you to manage the overall process of cutting that tree perfectly. This tool is especially useful for any fast and successful wood cutting activity. Some people still lack knowledge about the chain, so they are hesitant to buy it.

In this article, we will describe the best chain for echo cs 400 so that you can buy a chainsaw chain without any hesitation. Also, to save your time, I will highlight various aspects of this high-quality Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain.

3 Best Chains for Echo CS 400 – 2022 Reviews

We will review about three chainsaws in phases below, which are very useful for you. So read the following reviews carefully.

1. Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

This Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is made in a very modern design. So, effectively it can provide you with smoothness. You can use this chain for your chainsaw if you want to avoid kickback and vibration. The chain of this model is compatible with other chains. Therefore, this chain is suitable for use with any chain.

Also, this chain is especially useful for lubricating your chainsaws through the Lubry-Tech system. The lubrication system that it has helps to make your chainsaw last longer.

With this cutting chain, you will be able to manage your tree or woodcutting activities with ease. It is ideal for cutting any hard type of wood and for heavy type projects. In addition to homeowners, it is ideal for use by professionals.


Efficacy- It is suitable for smooth cutting of any type of tree or wood. Homeowners will find effective solutions by using it.

Versatility- It has no limitations so it is suitable for use with all models of chains.

Durability- Since it is a high-quality chainsaw chain, it is suitable for long-term use.

Quality- It is made of high-quality material so it provides high quality.

What I Liked

  • An advanced quality product.
  • Provides perfect finishing.
  • Able to deliver high performance.
  • Gives maximum protection.

What I didn’t Like

  • Not suitable for long-term use.

2. Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S62 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

It is made of hard-chromed material, so you will be able to handle all the cutting activities precisely through the said cutting chain. This allows you to avoid any kickback. This chain gives you smoothness and helps you complete your cutting process in less time. This chain is compatible with almost all brands of chains. This tool is especially suitable for managing your various types of wood cutting process.

This chainsaw chain is very durable, so it is useful to use it in the long run. In general, it is suitable for actively working with chains from 10-in to 18-in of any model. It is suitable for hard tasks, so if you are fully professional, you can use it. This chain helps you to cut your damaged trees smoothly and gives you protection. Also, this chainsaw chain is of high quality, so ideal for lubrication.


Design- It is made in a great design so it is suitable for all applications.

Automatic oiling system- This equipment has automatic oiling system so it is best to provide lubricant.

Efficacy- Using it you will be able to powerfully conduct all types of wood cutting activities.

Weight- This chainsaw chain is lightweight and easy to carry.

What I Liked

  • Durable equipment.
  • Provides protection.

What I didn’t Like

  • After a while, it does not have sharpness.

3. UpStart Components 18″ Semi Chisel Saw Chain

UpStart Components 18

This UpStart Components 18 “Semi Chisel Saw Chain is great if you want to prevent vibration during tree felling operations. It is designed so that you can manage the cutting activities efficiently while maintaining balance. This chainsaw chain is suitable for providing you all kinds of protection. Also, it is a high-performance provider tool, so very suitable for larger projects.

This chain is made of steel and aluminum, so it is very durable. This chainsaw chain of yours can retain its sharpness for a long time. It is very easy to install with maintaining it properly. A cutting bar can be of different lengths, so choose the appropriate chain according to your chainsaw. It has all the necessary accessories attached to it.


Strength- This device conducts activities while maintaining balance and is ideal for preventing all types of vibrations.

Quality- This chainsaw chain is made of high quality material.

Weight- It is made of lightweight for easy carrying.

Durability- It is durable so it is suitable for long-term use.

What I Liked

  • It is made of steel.
  • Provides long durability.
  • Advanced quality equipment.

What I didn’t Like

  • It is not suitable for long-term use.

How to Get Chains for Echo CS 400?

We want to help you choose the best chainsaw so you can easily. In general, we will discuss the significant issues when buying a chainsaw chain below.

The length of the bar

Not all types of chainsaw bars of the same length fit the chain. If you select an incorrect length bar, it may turn out to be an invalid tool. Also, it is completely unsafe to use.

Generally, no one wants to handle the process of cutting wood with a dangerous tool. If the bar of the said chainsaw chain is not adjustable, then you may face various problems. So, before buying, make sure to measure and function the said chainsaw bar.


The chainsaw chains that are currently available are made by the manufacturers considering your needs. Since the manufacturers make the chains according to the customer’s demand, they are of different sizes. If you have a strong chainsaw chain, you will easily handle any heavy cutting activities.

Usually, the wrong size chain does not match your chainsaw. If you want to use the chainsaw comfortably, check its fit before buying. In this case, the importance of buying a chain of the right size for your chainsaw is immense.


Choose a chainsaw chain that is strongly suited to provide functionality. If the chain doesn’t work as well as expected, you’ll be able to manage it properly. In most cases, the effectiveness of a chainsaw chain depends on its teeth. If the teeth of the chain are not sharp, it cannot provide a perfect finish.

With the help of a chainsaw chain, you will be able to cut the garbage around your house vigorously. Please pay attention to the chain made of versatile teeth as it can cut both soft and hard types of wood.

Conversely, you will spend more time cutting any wood using a chain made of round oyster teeth. These chains work at slow speeds, but they give you long-lasting. If the chain is made of full oyster teeth, you will be able to use it to do heavy projects instantly. Also, the square tooth chain is durable and efficient.

Ease of Maintenance

Maintaining a chainsaw chain is not a difficult task. Basically, by following the proper procedure, you will ensure proper maintenance by using the tool. In general, some chainsaws have an auto-sharpening mechanism that frees you from the worry of keeping it sharp.

In this case, if your equipment does not have that feature, select the types of chains that have an effective lubrication system. Also, the signature Lubritech technology that comes with it instructs you to smooth your oil flow.

Drive Links

One of the important features of a chainsaw is the driver link. Basically, at the bottom of your chainsaw are those driver links that can enter the guide bar. Also, if you are not sure about this chain’s technical features, count the links on that drive. 

Final Words

You should be understood how important a chainsaw chain is? If you want to get effective results, choose a suitable tool considering your type of work. You will be able to choose an advanced quality chainsaw chain by following the buying guide above. To clear your concept, we discussed everything about the chain for echo cs 400 above.

Also, to alleviate your worries, I recommend this Oregon S56 Advance Cut Chainsaw Chain.


Why does my chainsaw chain dull so quickly?

If you cut the dirty wood with that tool, it will fade quickly.

What is the fuel mixture for an Echo chainsaw?

You can manage any wood cutting activity with this chainsaw through a combination of gas and oil.

How long do Echo chainsaws last?

Generally, you will be able to use a chainsaw for ten years or more.

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