3 Best Ladders for Exterior House Painting [Top Picks & Reviews]

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Livebest 4 Steps Ladder

Brand: Livebest
23.4 pounds

Dimensions: 18.9 x 31.7 x 61 inches
Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds


LUISLADDERS Folding Ladder


Weight: ‎‎374.96oz / 10630g

Dimensions: (40.75 x 14.37 x 11.22)"
Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds


Werner Replacement Ladder Rope & Pulley Kit

Brand: ‎Colilove

Weight: ‎‎‎‎19.26 pounds

Dimensions: 32 x 19 x 4 inches
Weight Capacity: 330 Pounds

Everything is lined up paints, brushes, buckets, and you’re more than ready to paint your exterior. But what about the ladder you’re about to stand upon for the painting job?

Are you planning to resort to an ordinary ladder without any thoughts?

We might warn you this could be catastrophic.

You’ll realize once your feet start to tremble and the ladder starts to shake. Here in this article, we’d try to rescue you before you even reach that point. We tried here to list down the 3 best ladders for exterior house painting after thorough research.

The products listed here are some of the most recommended ones from verified customers.

Please give it a read and thank us later.

3 Best Ladders for Exterior House Painting – Reviews

A list of the best 3 painting ladders is shared for your utmost convenience for the required task. We chose the best ones, focusing on the ladder-type, built material, height, and stability.

1. Livebest 4 Steps Ladder – Editors Pick

Livebest 4 Steps Ladder

If you’re slightly limited by the budget but want the most value for money, Livebest 4 Steps Ladder could be your best choice.

The 24lbs ladder is easy to carry from one place to another and can bear around 330 pounds of load. You can easily climb up without any fear of being overloaded.

Its unique feature is a broad nonskid step. 10″ x 15″ step size can easily hold size 8 shoes in it. You can comprehend how comfortable your painting experience would be using this ladder. Moreover, the nonskid feature will grip your legs tightly, preventing any slip.

Livebest always had its core concern on comfort and safety, which led them to add handrails on both sides. The bars make you feel safe and comfortable even if you’ve acrophobia or have never climbed a ladder before.

The brand added a sponge grip on the top handrail to get extra support at the top. You can hold the grip with even a wet hand and say goodbye to the fear of falling. This feature makes it one of the top ladders for painting ceilings.

There’s a security lock under the top step preventing any shake or collapse. It can be activated only when the ladder is fully extended. Also, it’ll lock the step with the frames and make sure you face no accidents as long as the lock is on.

Its maximum height of 3.1 feet might dishearten you if your demand was an allrounder ladder for both interior and exterior. But if you could limit your exterior work to 8-10 feet, this would be an excellent go-to option.

The iron-made ladder can be folded easily and lean on any corner wall, virtually taking a tiny space.

What I Liked

  • Safety and protection are highly ensured.
  • No fear of slipping or skidding.
  • Easy maneuverability on the giant-sized steps.
  • Outstanding performance for interior painting.
  • Easily foldable and takes very little space.

What I didn’t Like

  • Heavy weight lifting might cause shaking.
  • Handrails aren’t very steady.

2. LUISLADDERS Folding Ladder – Best Suitable

LUISLADDERS Folding Ladder

Listing down the best ladders for painting would be half done if LUISLADDERS Folding Ladder is missed out.

Coming in standard 12.5 feet size, it’s also available in 15.5 feet. However, its 18.5 feet variant makes it the best ladder for painting high walls. Now you can reach any height with its terrific sturdy support.

Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, it’s a sturdy and heavy-weight ladder. Luisladders are so strong that they can be used as a bridge, while you can barely think of climbing steadily with other companies’ ladders.

Its durability is further validated by EN131 standard and TÜV Rheinland GS certification. You can load up to 330 lbs without fear of cracking it at all.

Additionally, the square rungs ensure stable weight-bearing with joints and security locks. Through this, you can stay steady on the ladder eliminating any chance of accidental collapse.

Larger joints further ensure its stability which has 3 times the weight-bearing capacity compared to the small ones.

Interconnected 6 security lock lets you manually adjust height and shape depending on your painting and other work requirements.

If you consider different usability, its usage as a trestle, single ladder, stair ladder, double-sided ladder, telescoping ladder, etc., are bound to impress you.

Moreover, its nonskid foot strap makes your feet stay attached to the rungs and prevents you from losing your balance at any particular time. The nonslip bottom makes sure the ladder stays standstill at any selected angles.

Finally, the ladder could be folded down to a very tiny size which you can easily place at the back of your car or in your storeroom.

LUISLADDERS’ extraordinary height of 18.5 feet can cover even buildings with great heights. It makes the ladder stand out as the best ladder for painting 2 story house as well.

What I Liked

  • Super sturdy and long durability.
  • Helpful for a range of tasks.
  • Manual height adjustment depending on the requirement.
  • Holds the feet firmly with nonskid texture and design.
  • Can reach great heights up to 18.5 feet.

What I didn’t Like

  • Locking and placement might feel a bit complicated.

3. Colilove Telescoping Ladder – Also Great

Colilove Telescoping Ladder

Compact, portable, and sturdy 3 words to perfectly describe Telescoping Ladder. The telescoping ladder is uniquely designed and is incredibly portable that you can carry barely with one hand.

You can put the ladder even under your bed, thanks to its ridiculously compact size. When closed, the ladder has 3.2 feet in height and 10.5 feet when extended. Its rungs are placed 11.8″ apart, making climbing more straightforward and quicker for you.

Besides, if you’re looking for reliable ladders for painting outside of the house, it’ll surely satisfy you with its 10.5 feet maximum height. Made of durable aluminum alloy, it’s rust, water, and corrosion-resistant.

It’ll survive long years without giving many headaches, which average ladders never do. Thanks to its robust joints and broad steps, you can easily load up to 330 lbs of weight.

Plus, the easy extend and lock feature does an incredible job of making it easy to expand and collapse, even for a fifth-grader. You can slide it open in seconds and collapse respectively, with the clickable buttons.

Keeping safety as a core concern, Colilove wrapped all the corners and edges with moldings. It eliminates the chances of getting cut and dents on the walls and furniture by the sharp edges. Each section ensures a higher degree of protection that will never injure your fingers while collapsing the ladder.

Lastly, 10.5 feet height, when completely extended, can be comfortably used at 75-degree angles. The length comes in handy in professional and DIY projects of decoration, painting, and maintenance.

What I Liked

  • Compact design easy to carry.
  • Small size fits in any space of the room.
  • Suitable for both interior and exterior painting.
  • Edge molding ensures less chance of an accident.
  • Durable body structure lasts long years.

What I didn’t Like

  • I can’t lean it beyond 75 degrees.

How to Choose Ladders for Exterior Painting?

If this is your first purchase, you probably are confused about choosing the best ladders for an exterior house. And this is very normal.

There’s a range of things that needs to be taken into consideration before making any purchase. We’re sharing a detailed buying guide to choose the best amid different types of ladders.

Type of Ladders

The first step of the buying process is to ask yourself what your requirement is and what types of ladders for painting you’d consider buying. Amid numerous ladder types, extension ladders, step ladders, and telescoping ladders are most suitable for painting jobs.

For more extended heights, it’s recommended to go for sliding or extension types as they use rope for ladders‘ to reach extra heights.

Size of Ladders

It’s a primary determinant of a suitable ladder. There could be very strong-built perfect ladders.

But if it doesn’t come in a standard height required for your job, then it’s of no use. The length should be around 3 feet to 10 feet for regular painting jobs. 10-20 feet ladders would be required to cover long walls and exteriors.

Body Material

The body of a ladder is quite essential as durability and weight loading will be dependent upon this. It’s recommended to go for fiberglass, aluminum built or stainless steel built ladders.

In some cases, you can as well go for iron-made ladders. When choosing the ladder, ask for a confirmation of high-quality fiberglass, aluminum, or iron which is corrosion and rust-resistant.

Loading Capacity

A key and decisive factor! Loading capacity will ensure how much weight the ladder can hold up until it gets cracked or broken. The higher the load taker, the better it is.

For standard back up we recommend you to go for at least 300 pounds’ weight loading capacity. It will cover a standard overweight person with ease.

Setup a Ladder

Setting up or installing a ladder should be a smooth and easy process. Otherwise, you’ll be exhausted in setting up the ladder before climbing it up.

There’s a lot of easy or instant setup ladders available in the market. You’d check this feature before making a purchase.

Safety Tips for Ladder

It should be your prime concern as your painting, and other ladder-needed tasks shouldn’t inflict damage that you carry along for years. You better look for the nonskid steps or rungs, safety lock, overall strength, etc. factors first hand.

Usability of Ladder

Every ladder has typical usage. Probably this time, you’re looking for ladders for exterior house painting, but a ladder is often required for different purposes as well.

So, keeping an eye always open for the versatility of usage would definitely benefit you in the long run. Try to make the purchase accordingly.


What kind of ladder do I need to paint my house?

For painting your house, you’d choose any one among step ladder, multipurpose and extension ladder. For interior and 1 story building step ladder works about fine. But extension ladders are more useful for buildings over one story.

How tall of a ladder do I need to paint my house?

It actually depends on your house’s height and where do you want to paint. For interior painting 3-5 feet, a ladder works fine. In terms of exterior painting, it might require a 10-20+ feet ladder.

What size ladder do you need for a 2 story house?

An 18-20 feet ladder is good enough to paint an average 2 story house.

What is a platform step ladder?

Platform Step Ladders are ladders that have a larger stepping platform on their top stair. In the painting ladder platform, you can comfortably stand and maneuver to get your job done perfectly.

Final Words

All our listed 3 best ladders for exterior house painting put up a fair fight in the competition with their distinctive benefits and features. Livebest gives you superior comfort in painting interior and small walls with low height and relatively broader steps.

On the other hand, Luisladders and Colilove ladders are more suitable for exteriors and long walls for their extended heights. In the sturdiness and usability category, Luisladders stays upfront. And finally, the length makes Luisladders unrivaled in the exterior category without much scope of asking its credibility.

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