Best solo Dungeon Crawler Board Games

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Dungeon crawler board games are a type of tabletop game that require players to explore a dungeon (or similarly themed area) by rolling dice and moving along a predetermined path.

These games often involve combat against enemies in order to defeat the final boss and gain victory. Dungeons can be designed to present a simple, linear plot or be more open-ended. to
Best solo dungeon crawler board games

1. Descent

1Descent is the premier dungeon crawler board game by Fantasy Flight Games. The game’s plot and mechanics revolve around a dragon that has stirred from its slumber and is challenging heroes to face it in its lair.

There are many expansions, with new characters, enemies, and tilesets to give the game more variety. Descent can be played by one or more players and can be relatively complex as far as dungeon crawlers go due to its use of dice, tiles, and miniatures.

2. Zombicide

Zombicide is a zombie survival game in which players choose one of several scenarios and fight against hordes of zombies to complete a series of objectives.

The theme lends itself well to the zombie genre, and the player characters even progress along character arcs as they gain experience during the game. Up to 6 players can play Zombicide, but solo rules are also provided to allow players to enjoy certain scenarios without needing more than one other person.

3. Gloomhaven

Gloomhaven is a dungeon crawler by Cephalofair Games and is for 1-4 players, each taking on the role of one of the game’s classes as they attempt to discover why their town has fallen into ruin.

The game is broken up into an adventure mode and a settlement mode. The settlement mode allows players to explore dungeons independently, while the adventure mode gives a series of quests that need to be completed to progress through the story campaign.


Solo players who enjoy dungeon crawling or need a break from multiplayer board games will find each game appealing.

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