How to Load an Arrow T50 Staple Gun?

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Staple guns are very handy tools for carpenter jobs or regular household fixes. The Arrow T50, also known as Lowes staple gun, is very popular because of its reliability and versatility.

However, staple guns come with a set number of staples built-in, and you have to reload them once they’re empty. So knowing how to load an Arrow T50 Staple Gun is essential.

This article will talk about the required methods to reload different versions of the Arrow T50 and provide some additional guidance.

Different Versions of the Arrow T50 Staple Gun

As you may already know, the Arrow T50 has two models. One is the Arrow T50 Electric Staple Gun, and the other is conventional. The loading method is a bit different on each one. So we will guide you through the instructions for both of these separately.

Arrow T50 Staple Gun Instructions

Before following these, we suggest you look up the Arrow T50 parts diagram on the manual, as it will help you recognize the parts we talk about here.

  1. Locate the magazine at the bottom rare of the staple gun
  2. Press on the magazine, and it should spring out of its housing
  3. Take out the entire magazine
  4. Pick your choice of new staples (must be supported) and insert them into the guide rail. The pins should be facing upwards.
  5. Let it slide in completely
  6. Take the magazine and reinsert it. Make sure it sticks.

And you are good to go!

Arrow T50 Electric Staple Gun Instructions

As for how to load electric staple guns, the process is pretty similar. But for this, we highly recommend you check the Arrow T50 electric staple gun manual as electric devices require more caution.

  1. Turn off the power switch or pull out the plug
  2. Find the magazine and the quick-release switch at the bottom rear of the gun
  3. Press on the quick release, and the magazine should come off
  4. You can now open the channel of the magazine
  5. Locate the empty slot where the staples will go
  6. Load fresh new staples into the magazine with the pins facing upwards
  7. Push back the magazine into place. Make sure it clicks with the release switch

Now turn on the power, and you’re ready to go.

Arrow Staple Gun Not Working

Here are some common staple gun issues and their fixes.

Jammed Staples

If nothing is coming out, but you can pull the trigger, it’s probably a jam. Here’s what you can do,

  • Pull out the magazine and reinsert it
  • Jiggle the magazine spring around to locate the jammed staple
  • Use a flashlight to look into the guide rail to find the staple
  • Once located, use a thin object to poke it out. A flat screwdriver should do the job
  • You can also try opening up the entire staple gun if you have that kind of experience. That would make the job a whole lot easier
  • For electric staple guns, it is better to contact a professional

To avoid jamming staples, use the correct size and don’t use it on unsupported materials.

Damaged spring

The hard-to-pull feeling of the trigger is the leading symptom of this kind of jam. The spring may wear out over time, and it is natural.

  • Take out the magazine and inspect the spring for damages
  • If you find anything, take out the screw holding the spring to the magazine and remove the spring
  • Get another spring from your local hardware store or where you bought the gun from
  • Replace the spring and put everything back together

Final Words

Well, now you know how to load an Arrow T50 staple gun so you can load and unload by yourself and save a bunch of time. Hopefully, this helps you in your future projects.

Do be careful while operating a staple gun, as you would never want your finger in between the gun barrel. Let us know if you have any questions.


What Are Staple Guns Used for?

People mostly use the staple gun for crafts, household repairs, carpenter jobs, etc. It really makes things a whole lot easier than hammering pins manually. There are more heavy-duty staple guns targeted towards more intensive jobs.

Are Electric Staple Guns Good?

They are suitable for certain tasks which require holding awkward angles or situations where pulling the trigger would be hard. That is because, unlike manual guns, it only requires a light push. They aren’t suitable for small spaces, though, as they tend to be big and have a wire.

How to Load an Arrow Staple Gun JT21?

Surprisingly, most Arrow staple gun models have similar methods of loading staples. So, the JT21 has the exact instructions as the T50. Just pull out the magazine and insert the staples into the guide rail.

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