What Solvent to Use to Clean HVLP Spray Guns?

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A paint spray gun is a tool that turns the hard task of painting into a fun job. To get benefitted from this tool for a longer period, maintenance is of utmost importance.

Cleaning paint guns right after use is the key to maintain efficiency in the long run. Since solvents play a big role in cleaning anything, it is necessary to know what solvent to use to clean HVLP spray guns.

Importance of Cleaning Spray Guns

If you own a water-based spray gun, you must clean it after every use. Proper maintenance of it will keep the tool functioning and save you a lot of money from repairing works.

Besides, the paint inside airless paint sprayers tends to get dry very soon after application. Cleaning dried paint is a cumbersome and time-consuming task. That’s why washing the sprayer while the paint is still wet saves you a lot of time.

How to Clean a Spray Gun?

The process of cleaning a spray gun is pretty easy. Disassemble all the first before soaking them in a cleaning solution. After half an hour, wipe them with clean clothes. You’ll notice all the paints coming off nice and easy. Now reassemble all the parts like before. This is the process of how to clean HVLP spray gun.

Paint Sprayer Cleaning Solvent to Use

There are multiple types of solvents available on the market now. However, according to us, any automotive paint gun cleaning solvent that you choose should be either of these two solvents:


We would suggest you use acetone to clean the spray gun since it can dissolve any type of paint or grease from a surface, besides acetone is also the cheapest solvent on the market.

Lacquer Thinner

Other than acetone you could also pick lacquer thinner as the next best solvent for cleaning the spray gun. Just like acetone, lacquer is also used in all types of cleaning-related tasks. However, it is exceptionally flammable and so should be used with caution.

Basically, thorough cleaning of the spray gun with a good solvent after every use will result in a better paint job than with a smooth finish paint roller.

Final Words

One of the most common questions while spray painting is what solvent to use to clean HVLP spray guns. Since the market is full of different cleaning solvents, picking the right one becomes a crucial choice. Hope we’ve solved the issue with this write-up.


How to clean electric paint spray gun?

Unplug the electric source first and then disconnect the spray gun from the hose attached to it with a wrench. Then clean it following the method we’ve already discussed in this article.

How to clean a siphon feed spray gun?

Siphon feed spray guns are basically conventional spray guns with the paint cup located at the bottom. Since all of its components are similar, the cleaning method is also the same.

How to clean paint gun after epoxy primer?

The trick is to clean the gun right away with a good half cup of reducer that is used with the primer. But if the epoxy hardens, then there is no other way than chipping or scrapping off.

Which tips to use for the ceiling painting job?

For painting larger surfaces like ceilings or walls, you need a spray tip that has a greater fan width. That is why picking 515 spray tips for ceiling would probably be the best option.

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