4 Best Spray Tip For Ceilings [2022 Top Picks & Reviews]

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Graco 221517 Reversible Airless Spray Tip

Brand: Graco
‎‎1.12 ounces

Dimensions: ‎1.63 x 0.38 x 1.88 inches


Wagner 517515 Control Pro Airless Sprayer HEA Tip

Brand: ‎Wagner

Weight: ‎‎6 ounces

Dimensions: ‎3.5 x 1 x 5.5 inches


Graco TRU517 Airless Spray Tip

Brand: Graco

Weight: ‎0.8 ounces

Dimensions: ‎0.85 x 2.75 x 5.25 inches

Either you are a professional or DIY guy, you should check anything you buy. And today we are going to know about the Best Spray Tip for Ceilings you can buy. All spray tips almost work the same where you should pick the right one from the available tips.

A spray that spills a lot of paint is both losses in money and time. Let’s see the specs of the Graco 221517 Reversible Airless Spray Tip and three others like it.

Basic Paint Sprayer Tip Size Chart

We assume that you already know the spray tip sizes for different paint. Yet we will remind you those who know and those who want to know the basics. So here is a basic paint sprayer tip size chart for you.

Tip SizeMaterial Thickness
210Thin (Clearcoat, Water Sealer)
311Thin (Varnish)
315Thin to Medium (Varnish, Acrylic, Primer Oil)
515Medium to Heavy (Primer Coat, Heavy latex)
517Medium to Heavy

We add this chart as a fundamental understating for the use of your desired tip. The lower the number, the least heavy material you will use. Those are for a fine finish. And the larger number tip is recommended when you are painting a building or marking a street or field.

The first digit means the width of the paint. Let’s take 515, for example.

In general, you have to multiply 5×2 = 10, which means when you press the paint sprayer, you will get a 10-inch spray pattern. And the last two digits mean the volume in 1000 inches. In 1000 inches, when you spray using a 515 spay tip, you will cover a .015-inch paint area in volume.

4 Best Spray Tip for Ceilings Reviews You Can Get

1. Graco 221517 Reversible Airless Spray Tip

Graco 221517 Reversible Airless Spray Tip

It is our first recommendation when you are looking for spray paint for the ceiling. The product from Graco offers a lot more than its competition. This house and exterior painting Spray Tip can spray 10–12-inch patterns. It is convenient for painting large areas.

The .017-inch tip can handle medium-heavy paints easily. You can use interior/ exterior Primer, enamels, medium latex paint with this tip. These spread evenly and smoothly. This tip makes sure you lose less paint and get a fine finishing too. Overspreading is not an issue if you are using this tip.

Clogging is very common in spray tips. But this one handles clogging quite comfortably. Most customers say it starts clogging at least using 500 gallons of stains or using heavy paint. And it is a RAC airless spray tip. RAC means Reverse and clean. When you feel the paint is not coming out or the pattern is off, turn the tip 180° and spray clogging breaks.


  • 10 to 12-inch variable spray pattern.
  • Works well with large area painting jobs.
  • Handles medium to heavy paints effectively.
  • Clogging is relatively low than many others.
  • The overspreading issue is minimal.

What I Liked

  • Varying Spraying Pattern.
  • Effective with Primer.
  • Easily cleanable from clog.
  • Works on any adapter.

What I didn’t Like

  • The rubber part of the tip isn’t fair.

2. Wagner 517515 Control Pro Airless Sprayer HEA Tip

Wagner 517515 Control Pro Airless Sprayer HEA Tip

Wagner is one of the best spray tips we recommend for painting the ceiling. Their 517 Airless HEA tip is just the one after the first contender. They use HEA technology in that spray tip, which allows you to spray without overspreading.

It is one of the best spray tips when you are concerned about edges. The Spray tip creates a very soft edge when you use it. The most disturbing point with the power paint sprayer is overlapping. But this tip makes it relatively easy for you. The spray is much thicker and centralized than the sides. You will get an even finish on every row.

This is a paint sprayer tip dedicated to painting with acrylic. The tip can handle acrylic paint with 1000 psi pressure. Most effective acrylic paint spraying tip, in our opinion.

Another plus point of this trip, you can use it for door painting. We don’t recommend 517 for painting the door. It is one of the best spray tips for doors that comes in 517 sizes.


  • Build with HEA technology.
  • Best edge for pressure painting.
  • Handles acrylic paint at high pressure effectively.
  • Working time is less than the competition.

What I Liked

  • Uniform paint pattern.
  • Reverse and clean.
  • Works excellent on doors as a 517.
  • Very thin line overlapping.

What I didn’t Like

  • High Price.

3. Graco TRU517 Airless Spray Tip

Graco TRU517 Airless Spray Tip

Graco TRU517 is a beginner-friendly spray tip. An excellent spray tip for both exterior and interior cleaning. Graco uses SoftSpray technology to make the painting pattern softer than any other.

The 10-inch pattern covers huge surfaces very quickly. And the .017 in hole sprays even and softer color paint to avoid overspray.

You can use this tip if you are a total beginner with power spray painting. You can get the instruction on which materials you can use. And what should be your surface area? On the package description. You can adjust the pattern while playing with pressure change. Get the right pattern you want and spray the ceiling.

You can use almost every type of medium to heavy painting materials. It can handle latex, Primer, and stain materials. It has RAC cleaning so that clogging won’t stop your working rhythm.


  • Best Spray tip for a complete beginner.
  • Uses SoftSpray technology for better spraying.
  • Edges are much smoother than any other spray tip.

What I Liked

  • The overlapping issue is minimum.
  • Spraying waste rate very low.
  • Learning tip for newbies.
  • Smooth paint layer.

What I didn’t Like

  • The paint is softer and thinner.

4. Graco WR1221 RAC X Reversible Tip

Graco WR1221 RAC X Reversible Tip

Graco WR1221 RAC X is a more professional spray tip on our list. For those who are looking for, what spray tip to use for exterior paint? However, 1221 is a 2 feet long pattern sprayer with a huge .021-inch spray hole. That means it will spray a large amount of paint in a wide area. This is a top-notch exterior painting tip for fast workers.

Wide exteriors like 5500 sq ft walls take almost two days to cover all the area with smaller tips. But with this tip, you can carry out that same work half of the time.

Over spraying will be an issue for newbies. It’s a good spraying tip for spray walls or ceiling first with waterproofing or sun protector. Yet not an excellent choice to spray paint on the ceiling for decorations.

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A professional painter who wants a faster working tool can use this tip. But not for a beginner or DIY painter. That’s why this is our last choice.


  • Covers double area at once.
  • A high flow rate ensures a professional finish.
  • A recommended spray tip for new construction.
  • Easy to identify even covered by paint.

What I Liked

  • Lock guard for stability.
  • Easy reversible tip.
  • No additional tool for setup.
  • It can handle hot solvent too.

What I didn’t Like

  • Overspray can be an issue.
  • Not suitable for DIY.

Way of Choosing the Spray Tip

Now there are different sizes of tips of the same brand as well as different brands. And you can’t use one tip for almost any work you like. Let’s try to understand what you should look for before buying one.

Spraying Materials

Spraying materials is a crucial factor before you buy a spray tip. If you are using thinner spraying paint, this means you need to get a smaller size tip. If you are going to use stains to spray on doors or walls, you should use a 1xx or 2xx series spray tip. And for thicker materials like Primer and heavy latex, you have to get 6xx or higher.

Spraying Area

The spraying area is concerned with size as well. A smaller width area means you need a smaller pattern for the least waste and accidental unwanted painting. Our recommendation is to get 108 or 110 size tips for cabinets and poles. These are known as FFLP or Fine Finish Low-Pressure tip.

For doors and shelves, you should get a 3xx series or at least a 2xx series tip. And the interior, exterior painting gets 5xx or 6xx or higher size tips.

Tip Worn

Wearing a tip is very common. You can’t ask a spray tip to work fine for a lifetime. To get the most of it, you need to choose the right one for your job. Most experts say tips will wear after 50-60 gallons of stain or 15-20 gallons of heavy latex paint.

So, you can take this tip to make your spray tip stay for long. Use low pressure while spraying; you’re about to waste less paint and have more control over the painting.


Clogging is very common in spray tips. You can’t complain about having a clog. Yet you will find some tips that clog quickly, and some will clog very lately. Try to get something that has a lower clogging rate.

Another point is cleaning the clog. RAC or reverse and neat features should break clog immediately. Get one that has this feature.

Final Words

We have demonstrated the best spray tip for ceilings to have an elegant painting. And the variation is fair, we think. We have added a beginner-friendly, moderate, and professional tip.

Besides, our experts have recommended the Graco 221517 Reversible Airless Spray Tip for a smooth finish to make you more precise. Everything you ask from a spray paint this one offers them all. You know what kind of tip you should choose for which purpose? Now get the right one and start working.


How long do spray tips last?

It depends on what type of painting materials you are using. Yet a good paint tip lasts for 45 gallons of soft paint before worn out.

Why is my spray tip spitting?

Spray tip spits when it’s not fit well in the tip holder. A loose fit will allow air into the power sprayer, which will disturb the flow and spit color.

Can I run water through a paint sprayer?

Of course, you can do it with your paint sprayer. And one of the best ways to clean a paint sprayer is by running hot water through it.

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