How to Clean a Spray Gun Between Coats (5 Steps Guide)

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When you’re spray-coating different colors of paint with a spray gun, you need to clean the sprayer properly before pouring another paint in it. Other than that, cleaning a spray paint gun immediately after use is necessary to keep it functioning for everyday projects.

So, how to clean a spray gun between coats? We’ll discuss all the steps of this process with easily available items and solvents in this article.

How to Clean a Spray Gun? Step-by-Step

It is an absolute necessity to clean the paint sprayer between coats, especially if you’re switching from one color to another. Follow the cleaning steps below to keep the gun fully functional and efficient for years.

Step 1: Preparations

Detach the regulator and the air compressor first and then disassemble all the spray gun components carefully by unscrewing them.

Step 2: Use a Paint Thinner

At this point, clean the paint cup properly with the help of paint a thinner. Scrub the inside and outside of the cup to make sure no paint remains.

Step 3: Apply the Spray Gun Cleaner

Soak all the other parts with any type of spray gun cleaner. Still, some might wonder what solvent to use HVLP spray guns.

For them, we’d suggest acetone for airless paint spray guns and lacquer for a water-based spray gun. It is because they are especially capable of dissolving any type of paint or grease from a surface.

Step 4: Start Cleaning

Now clean the parts by wiping with a cloth or a brush after you’ve soaked the individual parts with the paint gun cleaning solvent. You’ll notice the paint is coming off effortlessly. Don’t forget to scrub the hard-to-reach areas using Q-tips or an old toothbrush.

Step 5: Finish by Drying

After cleaning them, it is required that you dry the gun with paper towels. Dry them for at least half an hour before reassembling the parts together.

Final Words

Now that you know how to clean a spray gun between coats, it should be easy for you to keep the tool functioning for a long time. Don’t let the paint set inside the sprayer, or else cleaning it would be much harder.


How can I clean my spray gun after using water-based paint?

Water is the best fluid to remove water-based paint from the spray gun. Rinsing and washing all the individual parts with water will get you good results as long as the paint is still wet and fresh.

How to clean paint gun after epoxy primer?

Using the same reducer for primer can do a satisfactory job in this situation. However, applying an acid brush and lacquer for the cleaning process is the best option.

How to clean electric paint spray gun?

Cleaning an electric paint sprayer is the same as cleaning any other sprayer. The difference is that you need to unplug the sprayer first.

Can I leave paint in sprayer between coats?

We’d discourage you from leaving the paint gun without cleaning it thoroughly after use. Because once the paint sets and dries, removing it becomes so much difficult. It could clog the paint gun as well.

Paint gun or a paint roller for ceilings – which one should I pick?

Painting a ceiling is tougher than painting a wall. Although spraying is the fastest way to paint, roller painting is also a good option if you want to avoid getting paint on other surfaces.

Which spray tip for doors should I use?

The ideal spray tip for interior doors is a 310 or a 312 since they’ll produce a 6-inch spray coating.

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