How to Secure Ladder to Roof Safely? (4 Steps Guide)

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The first step of roof work is to get on the roof safely. If you cannot access the roof via stairs, you will have to use a ladder. Even though it seems simple to set up a ladder, a tiny mistake may lead to a severe accident. Therefore, it is imperative to make sure that you are setting up a ladder properly.

If you were looking for how to secure ladder to roof, do not look any further as we have you covered in this well-detailed guide!

Guide to Securing a Ladder to a Roof

Although securing a ladder isn’t rocket science, we should be aware of a few things.

In brief, a ladder has to be set up in such a way so that the surface that it rests on is entirely flat. It is very crucial as irregular surfaces may cause instability when climbing the ladder.

Before selecting a location for setting up the ladder, you must consider the safety of yourself and the property. It may get overwhelming to ensure that everything is in place, but it is crucial not to overlook anything.

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to secure a ladder to a roof –

Step 1 – Find out an Ideal Spot for the Ladder

Make sure that both the ground and the edge of the roof have a flat surface. Uneven surfaces due to grass or rocks may cause instability and make the ladder wobble. If necessary, take time to remove the obstacles from the ground.

You should also make sure that the surface is not too soft as it may sink the ladder’s legs. Avoid soft mud, rocky plains, and garden beds.

Step 2 – Place the Ladder and Adjust Accordingly

As a general rule, the ladder’s base should be positioned 1 foot away from the two-story house’s edge for every 4 feet of its height. If you place it too close or too far, the climb will be steep and dangerous. The adjustment varies for step ladders and extension ladders.

If you are not sure how to make extension ladder long, read the manual book that came with it. When using an extension ladder, the risk of wobbling is higher than using a step ladder. To ensure safety, we highly recommend using a rope for the extension ladder.

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Step 3 – Fix the Base of the Ladder to the Ground

If you have chosen a spot as recommended above, you will not have to do much to stabilize the ladder. But for safety, you may place the base on an aftermarket ladder ground stabilizer or use a big piece of a woodblock.

You should avoid placing the ladder’s base on boulders or bricks as they may not provide sufficient grip.

Step 4 – Climb the Ladder and Secure It to the Roof

You can do this in several ways. A rope, metal wire, or any sturdy cord may be used for tying the ladder to something at the edge of the roof.

You may use a roofing ladder hook to clamp the ladder to a gutter or any convenient spot if tying isn’t an option.

If none of it can be done, make sure to at least secure ladder to wall properly.

Once you are done setting up the ladder, check if the ladder is stable or not. If the ladder is firm and sturdy, you are done!

Although it may not seem much, all steps must be followed carefully to ensure that a ladder is firmly secured to the roof.

Extra Tips

  • Several types of house painting ladders can be used for accessing higher structures; find out which one you need.
  • For roof work, it is recommended to use a sloping roof ladder system. This ladder can be folded and placed on a slanted roof, making it more secure than conventional ladders.
  • Another popular choice for roof work is the extension ladder. These can be adjusted to need, but the general rule of 1:4 should be followed, i.e., the ladder’s base should be placed 1 foot away for every 4 feet of height.
  • These ladders are not as sturdy as step ladders; therefore, do not overlook extension ladder safety.


What is a ladder stabilizer bar?

A ladder stabilizer bar is a horizontal bar used to stabilize the ladder and prevent its base from slipping. It increases the overall safety and stability of the ladder.

What is a ladder standoff?

It is a bar that keeps the user away from the wall where the ladder is placed. It enhances the user’s safety and also the stability of the ladder.

Can I put a ladder against a gutter?

No, it’s hazardous to place a ladder against a gutter as it may not support the weight and pressure because gutters are usually not sturdy enough.

How to hold a ladder for someone?

Similar to securing a ladder base to something, someone can hold on to the ladder’s base firmly as another person climbs it.

How do you stabilize a loose ladder?

A loose ladder can be tightened by locating all the hex nuts on the ladder rail and tightening them. You can use a wrench to tighten them, but make sure they are tight enough before climbing. 

If it’s a little shaky, tighten the screws further but avoid climbing an unstable ladder.

Final Words

With all that being said, you now have a clear picture of how to secure ladder to roof. It would be best to always keep an eye out for safety, as climbing a ladder is a risky task. Avoid unstable ladders if they cannot be tightened further as they may wobble and cause an accident.

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