How To Use An Electric Chainsaw Sharpener?

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The use of electric chainsaw sharpeners is on the rise these days. In these modern days, everyone feels comfortable doing their own thing with less effort. In general, this tool’s importance is immense for improving the quality of life and cutting down tree branches very quickly.

We asked lots of questions about how to use an electric chainsaw sharpener. Many of them just avoid using it for using difficulties. So we decided to write everything about electric chainsaw sharpener.

How to Use an Electric Chainsaw Sharpener: Step by Step

1. Specification of the Blade

If you have experience in sharpening a chainsaw sharpener, it will help you manage that pointing work. You will get a manual with it when buying a chainsaw sharpener. In addition, the specifications in this manual are, in most cases, written in the box of the sharpener.

If, for some reason, the above two ways cannot be found, then don’t worry. In this case, you try to monitor the website of that brand. Now with the blessings of modern technology, you can find these specifications on the brand’s website.

Conversely, if you only want to specify the chainsaw sharpener, try to remember that sharpener’s teeth angles. After reviewing the above methods, we suggest you follow the manual of electric chainsaw sharpener.

2. Position the Sharpener

This step is significant to handle with awareness. If your sharpener is unstable, then the whole process can be dangerous. So, make sure that it does not move when conducting the operation with the sharpener. Choose a method so that you can install the sharpener in a straightforward process.

If you know the chainsaw pitch and gauge, you can easily install the chainsaw sharpener tools in no time. Generally, we recommend keeping the sharpener on the ground to prevent vibration and movement during operation. You will be able to handle the sharpening process smoothly by ensuring the firm position of your sharpener.

3. Install The Sharpening Stone

The importance of the specification of a chainsaw sharpener is immense so learn about it well. Once your sharpener is ready to use, move forward. Then, install the sharp stone on the chainsaw sharpener. In general, complete it accurately with the right measurements for installation.

Also, check the width of the stone to install. Install it in the gaps between the teeth of the sharpener. If you have more than one sharp stone, consider which one is best suited to your sharpener teeth. In this case, you need to know the details of gaping the teeth of the sharpener.

Typically, the surface of these stones can be up to about 3/16 inches. If the stone does not fit your sharpener teeth, choose a suitable stone. Since sharp stones of different sizes are available, it will not be challenging to find the right size stone.

4. Clean Grinder Disk

If your sharpener has been used before, you must remove the metals from the grinder disc before using it in the same way. If you do not remove these metals, you will not be able to manage your activities successfully. There is a risk of creating different types of problems. Conversely, if your electric chainsaw sharpener is new, you can avoid that process.

5. Swivel

Your electric chainsaw sharpener needs to be swept after installing the stone. The swivel is an angle that joins the disc chain. To complete this process, first, place the container with the sharpener and then adjust the angle.

The tips of a sharpener fluctuate between 0 60 and 60. Place the electric chainsaw sharpener on the top of the container to adjust the swivel angle in this process. You complete this swivel process through the above procedure.

6. Angle

In general, to know the knot’s angle under a sharpener, specify the specific characteristics of that sharpener. Adjust the teeth of the blade if you want to loosen the sharpener knot easily.

Also, remove this knot positively and negatively for the proper setting. We advise you to change the teeth of the blade when the angle of 10 degrees.

7. Adjust the Depth

Since it is essential to adjust the depth of a sharpener, refrain from cutting it too deeply. If you can’t change the depth properly, the chances of cutting metal with the blade teeth are significantly increased.

As a result, the risk of damage increases substantially, and it provides excess heat, which is very dangerous. In addition, the risk of losing its integrity increases.

Adjust its depth when installing a sharpener. The need to sharpen the teeth of a sharpener to adjust a sharpener’s depth is immense. If the depth of your sharpener is adjustable, you will feel comfortable using it.

8. Start the Process

First, lock the chain on your blade holder. Next, if you want to adjust the blade teeth and grinder connection fully, try moving the chainsaw chain back and forth. Mark the starting teeth of that blade with a permanent marker. When you can adjust, then turn your sharpener by pulling the grinder.

Next, when the grinder touches the blade, you can immediately notice some spark. If possible, keep in touch with the teeth of the grinder wheel. Now, you can detect the presence of metal in the internal teeth.

Electric Chainsaws Save Money on Sharpening

A high-quality electric sharpener saves you money. Using a proper chainsaw sharpener, you will be able to cut unnecessary and precise branches of the tree precisely and accurately. In general, high-powered chainsaws cost a bit more. In contrast, different types of chainsaws available can provide you with improved services at a lower cost.

If you want to use a chainsaw sharpener for a long time, sharpen it after a while. For example, if you choose a high-quality chainsaw sharpener, you can stay worry-free for a few years. In this case, the need for an effective and suitable sharpener to save you money is immense.

Versatile Advantages of Electric Chainsaw Sharpeners

In general, an electric chainsaw sharpener has multifaceted advantages. If you want to get good service, then it is essential to sharpen the chainsaw’s teeth equally. If you do not use the cutting tool for a long time, there is a risk of losing its sharpness. Next, brush the front teeth to sharpen the chainsaw sharpener.

In this case, when you adjust the sharpener to sharpen it, you will sharpen the side parts periodically. Also, switch the corners of your chainsaw to sharpen its side teeth. If your tool is as sharp as needed, you can work with it more straightforwardly and faster. In general, it saves you time and is especially useful for saving fuel.

Useful Tips for Sharpening Electric Chainsaws

Do you want to sharpen your chainsaws in the right way? Below discussion will help you to sharpen right way.

Wear goggles for your protection before starting any electrical or power equipment. We recommend that you use an air plug to protect your ears. Remember, it is essential to ensure your safety when doing these things. When the need arises to sharpen the chainsaw, you can mark it by applying spray paint or magic markers to the teeth.

In this way, you will be able to identify the point to make it easier to start the chainsaw. Usually, with the help of a black magic marker, you can initially mark the black surface on the tooth’s surface. Also, you can start with the above method to adjust the chainsaw. If you experience a grinding condition, make sure you can see the whole cutting process.

Final Words

An electric chainsaw sharpener helps make your daily work easier. If you want to use your tool-cutting tool for a long time, take care of it properly—everything we discussed above how to use an electric chainsaw sharpener.

If you follow this full guide and instruction, you will be able to any sharpener chainsaw without hassle. You will get the expected results through this article.


Is it worth sharpening a chainsaw?

Use a sharpener to control the blade teeth from drilling too deep into the wood.

How many times can you sharpen a chainsaw chain?

You will be able to sharpen the chain of a chainsaw ten times or more.

How long should a chainsaw last?

For ten years or more, you will manage the necessary activities using a chainsaw.

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