How to Keep Lawn Mower Tires from Going Flat?

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Lawnmowers are not different from other machines. After using them for some time, they end up developing mechanical problems. It is entirely difficult to get lawn mowers tires that don’t go flat.

However, there are several tips on how to keep lawn mower tires from going flat. These tips below will help you keep your Honda, Husqvarna, or Craftsman riding lawn mower flat tire in the best condition.

What Makes Your Lawn Mower Tires to Go Flat?

Several reasons can make your self-propelled lawnmower go flat. The following are some things that can result in flat tires in your lawnmower.

1. Rough Terrain

Just like cars and bikes, riding on rough terrains can make your lawn mower tires go flat. It is crucial to check for tree stumps and ruts or other sharp items that can cause the tires to go flat.

2. Heat Exposure

When you expose your lawn mower tires to heat, you might end up with flat tires. Heat makes the tires expand and this increases the internal tire pressure. This can lead to leaks the tires blowing out. It is great to pack your lawnmower in a shed and avoid keeping it near a fireplace.

3. Wear and Tear

It could be you have used the tires for quite some time and it is now time to replace them. If you find that your cub cadet tires keep going flat, this is an indication of worn-out tires. You need to replace them with new ones. Always inspect your tires to see problems that can result in punctures. You should also know how to seal beads on lawnmower tires effectively.

4. Sharp Objects

If there are sharp objects on the lawn, this can end up causing flat tires. Watch out for screws, nails, and broken glass on your lawn and get rid of them. Clear your lawn and ensure it is free from any object that can cause a puncture.

5. Leaky Valve Stem

If the valve stem of the lawnmower is leaky, this can lead to flat tires. The valve stem makes it easy to inflate or deflate the tires. It is great to ensure that your lawnmower tires operate at optimal pressure. This means that the pressure should not be too high or too low. Damages on the valve stem can lead to more frequent flat tires.

What is the Best Way to Keep Your Lawnmower Tires Flat?

There are several tips you can implement to prevent flat tires on your lawnmower. Below are the things you should do:

1. Avoid parking your lawnmower in open sun

You can create a shed to avoid parking your lawnmower in direct sunlight. This keeps the tires at the right pressure.

2. Cut grass on your lawn regularly

Taller grass is more prone to carrying debris and this can have negative effects on your lawnmower. If you cut grass frequently, you will avoid weak tires.

3. Cleaning

Take care when cleaning your lawnmower. Some cleaning chemicals can make your lawn mower tires wear down faster. It is great to use natural soap as compared to harsh chemicals when cleaning your lawnmower.

Always Check the Lawn Regularly

If you experience flat tires often, and you have maintained your lawnmower in the best condition, it could be problems on the lawn. Inspect your lawn before you start mowing to get rid of sharp objects that might be there.

Other Considerations

  • Take note of the maximum tire pressure
  • Replace old tires
  • Buy quality lawn mower tires
  • Put tubes on each tire of your lawnmower

Final Words

Experiencing flat tires on a lawnmower frequently can be a frustrating experience. This can affect the machine’s cutting capability and efficiency. A lawnmower’s performance depends on the tire pressure which offers maximum traction.

I hope the above tips on how to keep lawn mower tires from going flat will help you get the best performance from your machine.


Can I get foam-filled tires for my lawnmower?

Yes, you can. However, you need to understand what kind of foam do you use to fill tires. Such tires remain inflated and do not need compression and air. They can be a good option if you experience flat tires frequently.

What is the required PSI for lawn mower tires?

Riding lawn mowers have an average PSI of between 12-14 on the front and 10-12 on the back tires. However, this can vary depending on the brand.

What is the average lifespan of lawn mower tires?

Lawnmowers tires should last for about five years. However, this depends on the terrain and the frequency in which you use your lawnmower.

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