What is the Advantage of Large Rear Wheels On a Lawn Mower?

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Lawnmowers come in a variety of sizes and styles. From a bigger shape to fancy small add-ons can make your mowing process easier. Wheel size is the most important thing apart from in this combat. 

There are many folks about fancy things, but fewer are the advantages of large rear wheels on a lawnmower. So I am talking here about the advantage of large rear wheels with disadvantages and many more.

Wheel Size of Lawnmower

Two types of lawnmowers are available in the market about wheel size. One of them, the front and rear wheels are the same. Another one is the rear wheel is larger than the front wheel. 

Generally, the lawnmower front wheel size is 8 inches, and the rear wheel is 8 inches. In the present day, the larger rear wheel is more popular for different reasons. When the size of the rear wheels is 9 to 12 inches, it is working properly on hills, slopes, or rough ground.

High Wheel Lawn Mower Pros and Cons


  • You can mow any rough ground that includes ruts, divots, or wholes. Small wheels can’t make distance mowers blade and the ground that a high wheel can do.
  • Slopes mowing is another difficult task with small wheels because small wheels can cover short areas when a high wheel can cover bigger at the same effort.
  • Usually, the grass is growing quickly in the summer, so you may need to cut long grass, and a small wheel can’t do it efficiently as a long wheel can do.


  • Lots of folk and reports finding that high wheel lawn mowers are a little bit tricky to turn. Especially when you need to turn your mowers in any tight spaces.

High Wheel vs Low Wheel Mower

Using high wheel or low wheel mowers depends on different cases. If you want to use your lawnmowers on very rough slopes, you should use high wheel mowers, and if the scenario is level small area mowing, you can use low wheel mowers.

Rear Wheel Drive Self-Propelled Lawn Mower generally has two types available. The first one is front-wheel drive, and another one is rear-wheel drive. The maneuverability of the rear wheel drives provides you with more than front-wheel drive. The rear-wheel drive can provide the best traction on sidehills and uphills.

Recommended High Wheel Lawn Mower

You can choose Craftsman or Husqvarna brand high wheel lawn mowers for stability, efficient cutting, and long use.

Final Words

When dealing with hills, slopes, or upside-down areas, you should choose a large rear wheel with regular front wheels. It can reduce your effort and provide you with easy maneuverability for doing your cutting jobs.


How are lawn mower tires sized?

Lawnmower tire size width is 4.8 inches, and rim diameter is 8 inches. If you need number three tires, then it depends on the variant load and unloads options.

Can I Put Larger Wheels On My Lawnmower?

If you want additional cutting clearance and sharp adjustments with the deck and blade, you can put larger wheels on your lawnmower.

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